JUSTICE LEAGUE Potentially Back! Nolan Producing & Snyder Directing w/ Bale & Cavill!!!

Some shocking news today folks!  If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the Justice League franchise, it has recently started over as the screenwriter and his script has been officially thrown out as no director has agreed to film the mega super hero team that includes Batman and Superman.  Now we have rumors that pins Christopher Nolan back into the DC world as the overviewer of all things JL and will be leading the production.  Zack Snyder is rumored to direct and also co-produce, which means they really loved Man of Steel.  Also part of the rumor is that Christian Bale is being asked to reprise his role (though he’s in Europe with Catwoman) as the Dark Knight and Henry Cavill will return as Superman.  WOW WOW WOW.  This is all early and much of it is rumors, but this would quite a shift.  Here’s a video from El Mayimbe from Latino-Review:

Justice League Scoop! from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.

The Best of 2012 Awards: Top 5 Biggest Disappointments

Well, this is not necessarily a good thing to win, but I’m sure no one really cares about a blogger labeling their film as a disappointing.  Though this year has by far been one of the best years in film, it still contains a number of flops, failures and fixating mistakes.  And considering I’m not a film critic so I’m not responsible or obliged to watch every movie out there (that sounds horrible…), I still see the occasional fail of a movie, mostly leading to my strong disappointment.  So here is my Top 5 Biggest Disappointments of 2012.

5.  Snow White & The Huntsman

(Kristen Stewart’s most successful scene as an actor)

The main reason why I was disappointment with this film is solely on the shoulders of the trailer.  It was an unreal trailer, setting up for a highly anticipated release that never met my expectations.  You can put much of the blame solely on the shoulders of the first time director Rupert Sanders, who seemed like he wanted execute his main star than the film.  Shot more appropriately as multiple music videos and then a connected film, it really needed more substance and better direction.  Not the worst film of the year, but definitely one of the most disappointing.

4.  Ted

                                                          (This is my exact reaction while watching Ted)

Sometimes people think I go into every film with the same attitude and angle.  This is obviously not true.  I don’t expect the same things from an Oscar film as I would with Ted.  It would foolish and distasteful to do that, but even then, Ted was a fail of a comedy.  There were times where I felt awkward watching this film.  A lack of music here, a lack of direction there, and a whole lot of mess everywhere.  There were bright moments in Ted, but overall, the trailer took all the best pieces and robbed this film of any humorous experience.  Seth McFarlene is a talented an individual, and I hope he gets further work in Hollywood, and I’ll give him a pass on this one, but as for Ted, it’s etched as one of the biggest disappointments of 2012.

3.  Brave

                                                    (“Follow me as I lead this movie into much stupidity”)

Every Pixar movie is an event, and from Toy Story to Toy Story 3 (not only referring the Toy Story franchise, but that was the first Pixar film and the last successful Pixar film until Cars 2…sorry for the long explanation) it was an amazing journey watching Pixar release movie after movie with such emphasis on story and development.  And with Brave, they were literally taking a risky story putting a female lead as their main protagonist.  And for the first half of the film, it was as enjoyable as any other Pixar film I’ve watched.  And then they did a complete 180, ruining all the momentum and excitement the first half brought, bringing Brave down to the level of all other stupid animated films.  I’m bitter and frustrated with Brave, as it could’ve been something amazing, but for some reason, it wasn’t.  Disappointment indeed.

2.  Les Miserables

                                               (Exactly how I felt listening to Russell Crowe sing non-stop)

Just recently reviewing this film, I don’t need to go into much depth on why I was disappointed with this film.  I actually did like the film somewhat, but overall, it’s just unfortunate how much potential this film had, and how flat it felt afterwards.  The movie hits its highest notes in the beginning, and slowly wrestles us back, not giving us the fulfilling experience the stage production provided, but a false hope, giving us glimpses of eventual return, but never providing it.  I loved aspects, but overall, it was one of the biggest disappointments of 2012.  And while were on the topic of false hope…

1.  The Dark Knight Rises

                                     (“Gotham City is stupid, very stupid.  So I can only give them stupid.”)

Instead of going on 1,000 word rant, here’s a great video that sums up everything that sucked with The Dark Knight Rises, by far the most disappointing film of 2012 and of this short decade.

The Best of 2012 Awards: Top Ten Trailers of 2012!

As the end of 2012 is quickly approaching, I thought it was appropriate to begin the best of 2012 Awards.  Each day will have a list of awards as today will introduce the Top Ten Trailers of 2012 (not ranked).

December 28th – Top 5 Most Disappointing Films of 2012
December 29th – Top 10 Performances of 2012
December 30th – Top 15 Films of 2012 (15-6)
December 31st – Top 15 Films of 2012 (5-1)

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we post plenty of trailers, mainly because no one hates trailers.  Honestly, trailers are amazing, and I hate being late to a movie just because I don’t want to miss any of the trailers.  Now most trailers show too much of the film or take the best and juiciest parts, but there are times where trailers just work perfectly.  They show just enough to get us excited but wanting more.

Here are my ten favorite trailers of 2012 (rules are the trailer must’ve come out during the calendar year, even if the film has not been released yet).

Prometheus (Trailer #1)
Listen, this is the one film that I loved from 2012 that I’ll always get crap for.  I don’t care.  But save that criticism for my Top Films of 2012.  Though the film is polarizing in opinion, I think we all can agree that this trailer created the intense hype of what Prometheus (or hoped) was going to be.  This trailer made us anticipate for one of the bigger science fiction films that has come out in a while.

Man Of Steel (Trailer #1)
The teaser for Man of Steel that played in front of The Dark Knight Rises was amazing, but I had to choose the full length trailer over the teaser, mainly because we get everything we loved about the teaser with more beautiful shots, exciting action scenes and a potential epic Superman film we’ve never seen before.  This trailer gives us hope that Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan knows exactly what they’re doing.  Keep us hoping!

Skyfall (Teaser)
I didn’t fall in love with the movie, but the teaser made me fall in love with the potential of Skyfall.  It gives us a glimpse of the new direction this new Bond film was headed, and though we don’t really see the best part of this film (Javier Bardem), his presence is clearly felt.  But besides the amazing techno-like Bond theme song, it’s a prime example of how to tease the mass audiences waiting anxiously for a film to arrive.

Zero Dark Thirty (Trailer #2)
This trailer should be used to all trailer makers of how to set the tone, intensity and the premise of the film without giving away too much of pretty much anything.  We see bold images that really give us nothing of hard substance, but mixed with the music, we understand what we’re going to experience.  It works perfectly.  Every time I see this trailer it gives me chills, as it continually pushed my eagerness to watch this film, but also the genius of this trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises (Trailer #1)
Honestly, I thought all the trailers were more enjoyable then the film, but I won’t go on my rants…  But though the film will DEFINITELY make my Biggest Disappointment List of 2012, the trailers added to this disappointment only because it increased my excitement by tenfold.  My goodness, I can remember my initial reaction of seeing the football field exploding.  My jaw literally dropped.  This and the other trailers of TDKR created a cloud of anticipation and excitement that was never fully reached, but it did what a trailer was suppose to do.

Project X (Official Trailer)
I could watch this trailer in place of the film.  The movie is pretty much a full length feature of this trailer, and the trailer is much cooler.  Seeing everything unfold in the movie was a downer, but that can’t go against the success of the trailer.  The music, the editing, the invitation.  It all works well.  I’m pretty sure this trailer is the main reason why all those dumb teenagers went to go see this dumb movie.  Good job.

Snow White & The Huntsman (Trailer #2)
This was one of my most anticipated films of the summer mainly because of these extremely successful and addicting trailers.  The trailer gives us a plot that’s very interesting and engaging, and literally took all the best visuals of the film into one 3 minute highlight.  Unfortunately, these are the downfalls of a trailer like this as the film can’t match the intensity or the potential we all witnessed, but nonetheless, what a trailer!

The Master (Official Trailer #1)
You can just tell from the trailer that we’re about to experience the oddity and quirkiness of Paul Thomas Anderson.  His films are from another world, and his art is astounding.  What this trailer does so well is not hide away from it, but embrace it.  Sometimes trailers sell the movie in a way that’s not true to its identity because it wants to sell tickets, but instead, this trailer is selling the actual movie.  And though some may not enjoy The Master, I for one, loved this trailer and loved the film.

Les Miserables (Trailer #1)
I still get chills watching this trailer.  I mean, it makes sense considering it takes the most emotional song of the film from its best performance and integrates emotional scenes that capture what Les Miserables is all about, but if it was on the big screen.  Though the film doesn’t work in this way (NO MORE RUSSELL CROWE), this first official trailer of Les Miserables truly started the wave of fire anticipating this Broadway favorite.

The Avengers (Official Assemble Trailer)
I think after watching this official Assemble trailer, we all knew that The Avengers was in good hands.  We we’re given glimpses and short previews of the film, but this trailer officially gave us our first in-depth look of what to expect, and wow, was it ever exciting.  We got all the major super heroes packed into one trailer but also a glimpse of their struggle and eventual teamwork.  Plus, we finally saw the villains and their crazy flying monsters destroying New York City.  It was the first time we got to see a wide glimpse and scale of the film, and though it was only a few months away, it made the wait seem like an eternity.

And now the worst trailer of 2012.  Don’t know what’s worse, that someone actually thought this movie was a good idea, or that Norm McDormand agreed to this.  Any movie can have a great trailer, even if the movie sucks.  But my goodness, this trailer is so awful, it probably did the movie justice.  I’ll pay someone $5 to watch this movie in its entirety.

The Dark Knight Falls Inexplicably: The Dark Knight Rises Review

I’m at a loss of words right now. The trilogy that was suppose to belong with the greats like Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings. The director, Christopher Nolan, the one that is now proclaimed as the director of our time. The “epic conclusion” to one of the great comic book films of all time. I’ve never been so speechless and disappointed from a film that I thought was going to be one of the greats of this year, possibly decade. I will warn those who read this review, it will contain some spoilers and this is a reaction review, not a day or two of thinking and evaluating review. I assuredly will go see this movie again and make sure my criticism for it is justified, but for now, you have been warned.

The Dark Knight Rises was one giant mess of a movie that tries to achieve so much in a little bit of time, even if that time is almost three hours in length. The Dark Knight Rises has absolutely no flow or rhythm and can literally be separated into three parts, and each part has nothing substantial or fascinating. The Dark Knight Rises has the blandest of characters I’ve seen from Nolan in all of his films and literally puts in useless face time and story where it feels like the entire movie is one bad case of bloated gas. And this is how it comes out, just pure stink.

The final installment to Nolan’s trilogy of the Batman character starts where we left off, except it’s eight years ahead. Moving from the incident and eventual death of Harvey Dent that was blamed by the dark crusader, Bruce Wayne and Batman are both gone from the public. Hiding in the Wayne mansion, Bruce feels no need to go out into the world where he doesn’t belong or is needed. Bruce has always been a character that has been conflicted from outward appearance and inner truth, and he continues this struggle throughout the film. Gotham is clean of organized crime, but it doesn’t mean it’s clear of those big massive villains that always seem to find its way through Gotham. Bane, a violent and bone-crushing mercenary piles through Gotham with weapons, an army and most importantly, a message. This message is for those who have been on the bottom of the barrel. Those who have been left with the trash and need to come and regain their city. With a nuclear device that of course was for good but now has been turned into an evil weapon, the city of Gotham is threatened by a nuclear attack where everyone and everything would be destroyed. Clean slate. That’s kind of how I feel about The Dark Knight Rises too.

There are a bunch of new characters thrown into Rises, mainly from Anne Hatheway as Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (though never introduced as so), Joseph Gordon-Levitt who plays the admirable John Blake and Marion Cotillard, who plays Miranda Tate, a rich philanthropist who is working with Wayne Enterprises. All three play supportive but crucial roles in this film, and are all part of one giant mishandling of too many characters in one film. Each have their own story, their own importance, their own purpose, but this all has to go back to Batman. What does this character have to do with Bruce Wayne? How does this relationship effect the masked vigilante? Why is this relationship necessary in this conclusion? I felt these questions weren’t really answered, whereas these characters were some part of this final gigantic bow where too much is happening.

Enough of the criticism, let’s get back into the plot. So Bane starts blowing crap up everywhere and eventually breaks Batman where he is sent into some God forsaken land in the middle east and we have no clue how he gets there. Okay, that’s fine. This is where Batman truly needs to literally break himself to regain his proper motivation into why he will go back into Gotham. Blah blah blah. As he’s doing so, Gotham City has become a violent and chaotic mess where citizens are controlling citizens, and the people are doing whatever it takes to survive.

Honestly, I don’t have to continue with explaining this story because you know what’s going to happen. Batman will come, we’ll have this big awesome fight scene and Gotham will be saved. Maybe. Maybe not. The funny thing is is that I absolutely did not care about what happened to Gotham or its people. Honestly, I kind of wished all these characters would’ve died and we can just get The Joker back and play his psycho games. Truth be told, I’d watch the Joker sell soap rather than watch all of this unfold again.

I sound very harsh, and I think it’s not really how I feel about the film, but how I personally feel we’ve been misled this entire time. Nolan’s first two Batmans were nothing short of grand. It has such beautiful flow and connectivity and I, at least, was expecting this big finale where everything was done right in Gotham. But it feels as if nothing was done right in this third film from the flow, the dialogue, the character development and even the fight scenes.

Everything felt so underwhelming. Everything just felt mediocre and flat, and it really was confusing how this was happening cause Nolan is such an advocate from great story telling. And I think the main issue with this film is that there’s just too much going on. In the first of the three part series of the third film in the trilogy, we’re thrown into this situation where we have no clue what’s going on, all these characters mumbling about something and we progress so quickly that we barely get to realize that the trailers are over. Nolan tried to do too much here. Too many story line. Too many characters. Too much ambition without execution.

What really upsets me is that there seems to be absolutely no care in the little details. If there’s one thing about Nolan that I cannot stand is his distaste for any sort of brutality or evidence of violence. Someone gets shot, no blood. Someone breaks a neck, let’s cut it back. Over and over again I wanted to see Bane’s strength and brutality but was shied away. I wanted to get into the war between the Gotham Police and Bane’s army but all I get is some really lame fist fights. And this is not just about more violence. We get a car chase scene that starts in daylight and ends at night. Unless someone is going to say, “oh no, the sun is setting” then you can’t have this happen. And some of the cheesy lines and unintentional comedic scenes… It’s just shocking that a director of this magnitude would let this kind of film making happen.

Another really big issue I had was the fact that this movie moves so quickly but yet is almost three hours! How does that happen? That’s when you know you’re trying to accomplish too much. All these characters are solid but they get no time to shine, and they all have to somehow integrate with Bruce Wayne/Batman, and everything just feels forced. Nothing felt natural. Though Selina Kyle and John Blake are great individuals and characters in the Dark Knight Rises, their presence was shied away from a bloated plot that really didn’t need their involvement. And talk about unnecessary. Juno Temple’s role as Kyle’s sidekick. Wow, literally waste of film.

I didn’t hate everything about this movie. I actually liked it in the beginning, kind of. I was conflicted. I thought there were so many flaws but I still was fixated by what was going on, and then it lost me. With it’s overplayed messages about society and the current state of our country, to the whole idea of Batman breaking completely and rising from new ground. It was just so arrogant and sometimes pretentious. There’s just way too many themes that are trying to be discussed that no theme really excels. Whatever message you want to send to your audience, the message has to come within a package that resembles a good movie. This, unfortunately, is not delivered.

I did not come into this movie with high expectations. I did not come into The Dark Knight Rises hoping for as good or better than The Dark Knight. The movie doesn’t fail because it doesn’t live up to its predecessor. The movie fails because it’s not a good movie. Everything about this final installment yells laziness. Cutting corners. Making sure I make the movie I want to make and put these elements in here, and we’ll get it done no matter what. Nolan has the resume to make whatever movie he wants. And my opinion means absolutely nothing to him or to anyone who reads this review. But from a fan of Nolan’s and a fan of this series, I thought I deserved better than what I got. Batman deserved better. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight deserved better. But when things get too high, gravity pulls it right back down.

The Dark Knight Rises gets 2 stars (out of 5).