Most Anticipated Film: FOXCATCHER

Though there are many potentially great films coming out this fall, nothing excites me more than FOXCATCHER, Bennett Miller’s (CAPOTE & MONEYBALL) new film based on the true story of Olympic wrestler Mark Shultz and his coach/multimillionaire John du Pont.  Considering it was essentially raved at Cannes and will start its awards campaign at Telluride (pretty much a lock), we’re looking at a strong presence come Oscar time, looking at nominations for Picture, Director, Actor, Two Supporting (Tatum and Ruffalo), Editing, etc.  GO TEAM FOXCATCHER!

The Road to Telluride & Its Purity to Film

As I currently sit at Denver International Airport, I thought it’d be wise to take advantage of this time (and free wifi) to share the beauty of what is the Telluride Film Festival.  Many throughout consider Telluride to be a true film festival, where the focus is not on the celebrities, the exposure, or the press/publicity.  It’s all about the films.  They take center stage, and no one else even dares to share that exposure.  The ability for Telluride to do is this actually quite simple, yet ingenious.  There is no such thing as a press pass, and there are no advantages or special privileges critics, movie stars, or filmmakers get, even if they are representing a selection at the film festival.  Everyone has to pay, find transportation, and find their own lodging, and what it creates is an atmosphere where people are only motivated to see these films and talk about them.

Yes, the structure of it all is less complex, but what it does is strip down all the fat of other film festivals, and keep to its core.  People come here to experience a real experience, where everyone and everything is here to see the movies, talk about the movies, and reflect on the movies.  There is no audience praise nor backlash, and the respect for the arts is what’s more important and substantial at Telluride.  Yes, it has gotten some intense exposure and notoriety as the last four of the five Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards premiered at Telluride.  All indications point to Telluride being the beginning of an awards contender, and whoever grabs the spotlight and literally, “the talk of the town”, it’s given leading status.  Is it a good thing?  We’ll never know, but regardless of the fall movie season and the heaviness of the Oscar season, most, if not all, come purely for the movies.  It’ll be an amazing experience to be surrounded by that kind of environment, and I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of it.

Telluride Film Festival Speculated Line-Up (Potentials & Hopefuls)
Inside Llewyn Davis
All Is Lost
Labor Day
12 Years A Slave
Blue Is The Warmest Colour (Cannes Winner)
The Past
The Invisible Woman
The Immigrant
Palo Alto
Enough Said