It’s Finally Here: The 41st Telluride Film Festival


My favorite time of year has now changed from Thanksgiving and Christmas to the Telluride Film Festival, and those who’ve attended know this is completely valid and justified.  It’s an unbelievable four days of films, fellow cinephiles, good food and drinks (though I can’t drink), and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in the world.  It’s surreal and I hope everyone gets a chance to experience this once in their lives. 

Well, through the complicated situation between Toronto International Film Festival and Telluride, we’ve gotten a good sense of movies will play at the usually discrete and secretive Telluride lineup.  Telluride doesn’t reveal their lineup until the day of the film festival, which eliminates most press and paparazzi, only allowing people who want to be there to attend.  From what we’ve heard and seen throughout, this is my meaningless and insignificant attempt to spitball what we can expect this year at TFF41.  

Directed by Jean-Marc Vallee (Dallas Buyers Club), this is almost a lock for Telluride, from its Canadian Premiere status at TIFF and Reese Witherspoon rumored to be receiving a Tribute.  And come on, you can’t have a hiking, finding yourself through nature film and NOT have it premiere at Telluride.  Regardless of my legitimate reasoning, it’s a surefire guarantee at this point, and would be shocked to see it not play.  

Alejando Gonzalez Inarritu’s anticipated film with Michael Keaton playing the title role as a washed up actor looking for another shot at glory looks like an interesting and exploratory piece of work with quite the visuals.  Inarritu was at Telluride last year supporting his good friend Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity, and like WILD, it’s a lock for Telluride. 

One of the films I’m most anticipating this year and I think can really do some damage come awards season is Foxcatcher, directed by Bennett Miller with a spectacular cast of Steve Carrell, Mark Ruffalo, and Channing Tatum.  It was raved in Cannes, and will definitely be on the top of my list to watch, if it comes.  I’m pretty confident that it will, having a Canadian Premiere status at TIFF. 

benedict-cumberbatch-the-imitation-gameTHE IMITATION GAME
The Weinsten Company’s gem for this fall, The Imitation Game was a well-regarded script that finally made its way through production with Benedict Cumberbatch filling out the main role of a WWII British codebreaker, which ultimately created the way for the first computer.  It’s been rumored to play at Telluride for a long time, and will be shocked if it didn’t play. 

27186-film-wild-talesWILD TALES
This Cannes gem from Argentina is a black-comedy full of short stories that is supposedly an incredible and hilarious experience.  After its success at the famed French film festival, it’s path to Telluride has been documented, and it seems like it’s in play, especially it being a Sony Pictures Classic product, which likes to show its film at Telluride. 

mr-turner-2014-002-turner-walking-to-hilltop-stone-cabinMR. TURNER
Another Cannes hit, Mr. Turner from Mike Leigh was a well regarded film that many think can have a potential chance at awards this fall, and many are predicting it for Telluride.  I can’t imagine it not playing, and am excited to see Timothy Spall’s award-winning performance as the famous painter. 

Jon Stewart’s directorial debut has been rumored and confidently predicted to premiere at Telluride.  His story about a journalist that’s detained in Iran for 100 days has been well-reported, especially considering John Oliver took over his spot on the Daily Show desk, which led to his deal at HBO.  I’m more excited to see Jon Stewart at Telluride with his availability to its filmmakers, but am slightly distant and unsure how this will play out.  We’ll see, but it seems like it’s a likely play. 

Though it already had it’s North American Premiere at Sundance, and though Telluride has a pretty strict NA Premiere status for all its films, I’ve heard rumblings that Whiplash will in fact play at Telluride, and that they have been willing to let go of its restrictions for certain films.  I would totally be fine for this ease up because Whiplash has been highly respected and reviewed, winning both the Audience and Jury awards at Park City, Utah.  I’m still a little hesitant considering it already premiered in the U.S., but I’ll go with what I’ve been hearing so far.  It’s a coin-toss at the moment. 

Being a huge fan of 24 year-old Xavier Dolan’s work, I’m extremely excited to hear that MOMMY could play at Telluride, the first time he’s ever come.  Getting a convincing stamp of approval at Cannes (lots of Cannes), it got a potential play from TIFF as it was labeled with a Canadian Premiere.  I’m still slightly hesitant in being confident that it’ll play, but I’m going with my gut feeling and my hopes that it will. 

Other films that will most likely play or is rumored to play:

THE LOOK OF SILENCE (sequel to The Act of Killing documentary)

If this is the lineup that we do get, there can’t be much complaining involved cause this is one hell of a lineup.  But I do think we are missing a few titles, maybe one big one, that has been kept secret.  It’s obviously a film that isn’t premiering at Toronto and there’s no way films like GONE, GIRL, INHERENT VICE, INTERSTELLAR, UNBROKEN, INTO THE WOODS, QUEEN OF THE DESERT, FURY are in play… I think.  My guess is that a film like BIG EYES (Tim Burton) might sneak preview and…. now this is a total guess and I’ll be wrong, but I do think one of the films that were listed previously might play.  My guess would be UNBROKEN, though it’s been denied for any fests.  We’ll see.  Anyways, it’s an exciting time and as I leave tomorrow morning to the San Juans, I can’t wait for the best film experience ever.  Au revoir. 

Child’s Play – A Short Film

There’s no kind of education like shooting your own film.  And though it’s only a five minute short, it took a ton of planning, work, and collaboration to get this done.  It’s kind of a miracle, really, and it was impossible to do without some amazing people, including Shawn Lee, an animator who’s also a good friend of mine.

It’s just an insane experience seeing something you’ve written and thought of in your head and see it actually happen.  It was tough, and there were roadblocks, but it’s a feeling that’s so surreal that you just have to keep doing it.

Thank you again for all the people who helped with this project (Shawn Lee, Kevin Yi, Kristin Chung, Angie Lee, Suzie Lee, Michael Min, The Chung Family, and of course, our star, Claire Kim).

Child’s Play from Jason Park on Vimeo.

Roundabout: Potential Award-Worthy Films’ Trailers

Lots of trailers were recently released for the upcoming awards season, and man, what an exciting fall we’re going to have.  There’s so many trailers to post, but I’ll post three that really tickle my fancy.

BIRDMAN (October 17th)


GONE GIRL (October 2nd)


THE SKELETON TWINS (September 12th)

The Road to Telluride & Its Purity to Film

As I currently sit at Denver International Airport, I thought it’d be wise to take advantage of this time (and free wifi) to share the beauty of what is the Telluride Film Festival.  Many throughout consider Telluride to be a true film festival, where the focus is not on the celebrities, the exposure, or the press/publicity.  It’s all about the films.  They take center stage, and no one else even dares to share that exposure.  The ability for Telluride to do is this actually quite simple, yet ingenious.  There is no such thing as a press pass, and there are no advantages or special privileges critics, movie stars, or filmmakers get, even if they are representing a selection at the film festival.  Everyone has to pay, find transportation, and find their own lodging, and what it creates is an atmosphere where people are only motivated to see these films and talk about them.

Yes, the structure of it all is less complex, but what it does is strip down all the fat of other film festivals, and keep to its core.  People come here to experience a real experience, where everyone and everything is here to see the movies, talk about the movies, and reflect on the movies.  There is no audience praise nor backlash, and the respect for the arts is what’s more important and substantial at Telluride.  Yes, it has gotten some intense exposure and notoriety as the last four of the five Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards premiered at Telluride.  All indications point to Telluride being the beginning of an awards contender, and whoever grabs the spotlight and literally, “the talk of the town”, it’s given leading status.  Is it a good thing?  We’ll never know, but regardless of the fall movie season and the heaviness of the Oscar season, most, if not all, come purely for the movies.  It’ll be an amazing experience to be surrounded by that kind of environment, and I feel incredibly grateful to be a part of it.

Telluride Film Festival Speculated Line-Up (Potentials & Hopefuls)
Inside Llewyn Davis
All Is Lost
Labor Day
12 Years A Slave
Blue Is The Warmest Colour (Cannes Winner)
The Past
The Invisible Woman
The Immigrant
Palo Alto
Enough Said

I’m Back! Trailers, Reviews, and Major Star Wars & The Avengers 2 Crossover!

Hello readers,

I just want to apologize for the long break that I’ve taken.  Since the Oscars, blogging has taken its toll, and with the amount of work that’s been at my realm for the last few months, I couldn’t keep up blogging about movies.  But with the summer schedule coming up and my graduation approaching, I’ve been given more opportunities to blog now.  Hooray!…

Anyways, I’ll start getting things back into routine with trailers, videos, reviews, opinions, articles, etc.  I know a lot has been released, especially for the potential huge summer that’s about to begin.  Plus, I have reviews for Spring Breakers, Evil Dead, Room 237, and The Place Beyond The Pines!  So keep it here.

As a treat, I would like to provide an amazing deleted scene from Parks & Recreation, where Patton Oswalt provides a filibuster giving an amazing idea for the new Star Wars film and The Avengers 2.  It’s amazing and hilarious.  Take a look.

New Poster & Trailer for THE HANGOVER PT. 3!

I’m not 100% sure how I feel about The Hangover Part 3, but considering it’s one of the most successful comedy franchises in history, it makes sense for them to finish off the trilogy.  Luckily, we’re back in Las Vegas, and looking from this poster and trailer, it’s going to be bat shit crazy.  If that’s a good thing or a bad thing, we won’t know.  But I just hope there’s no more penises.

The Hangover Part 3 arrives May 24th, 2013

JUSTICE LEAGUE Potentially Back! Nolan Producing & Snyder Directing w/ Bale & Cavill!!!

Some shocking news today folks!  If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the Justice League franchise, it has recently started over as the screenwriter and his script has been officially thrown out as no director has agreed to film the mega super hero team that includes Batman and Superman.  Now we have rumors that pins Christopher Nolan back into the DC world as the overviewer of all things JL and will be leading the production.  Zack Snyder is rumored to direct and also co-produce, which means they really loved Man of Steel.  Also part of the rumor is that Christian Bale is being asked to reprise his role (though he’s in Europe with Catwoman) as the Dark Knight and Henry Cavill will return as Superman.  WOW WOW WOW.  This is all early and much of it is rumors, but this would quite a shift.  Here’s a video from El Mayimbe from Latino-Review:

Justice League Scoop! from Mayimbe Media on Vimeo.