Child’s Play – A Short Film

There’s no kind of education like shooting your own film.  And though it’s only a five minute short, it took a ton of planning, work, and collaboration to get this done.  It’s kind of a miracle, really, and it was impossible to do without some amazing people, including Shawn Lee, an animator who’s also a good friend of mine.

It’s just an insane experience seeing something you’ve written and thought of in your head and see it actually happen.  It was tough, and there were roadblocks, but it’s a feeling that’s so surreal that you just have to keep doing it.

Thank you again for all the people who helped with this project (Shawn Lee, Kevin Yi, Kristin Chung, Angie Lee, Suzie Lee, Michael Min, The Chung Family, and of course, our star, Claire Kim).

Child’s Play from Jason Park on Vimeo.


One thought on “Child’s Play – A Short Film

  1. great job Jason! I don’t do much film analyzing, but in my humble opinion, it was relevant, honest, and real. Looking forward to your next one(s)!

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