Remembering Robin Williams: A Wide Range of Comedy & Talent

I was having a conversation with a friend recently about how tragic it’s all becoming when we see our favorite actors, directors, artists, etc. making their way towards the tragic end of life.  The discussion included the passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and how we’re reaching that era where every year we’ll lose someone that meant so much to us in a distant, but yet personal way.

So much is being spoken of on behalf of mental illness, some of those preaching through an authoritative voice, but there’s so much complexity and delicacy in regards to the state of one’s mind (and so much we don’t know).  So instead of diving into the unfortunate discussion of what happened, we should celebrate the life Robin Williams and the brilliant career he held.

Here are some of my favorite scenes of Robin Williams.  It doesn’t just show his comic brilliance, but his willingness to be diverse and stretch his hands into darkness, drama, and grounded reality.  He’s an actor that was never ashamed of the roles he played, and regardless of how successful financially or critically, he played the part the way Robin Williams would.





and the ultimate scene of all… GOOD WILL HUNTING

RIP ROBIN WILLIAMS.  You’ll be incredibly missed…


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