Brand New Direction (and Why It Was Needed)

No more worthmytimemovies.  No more incredibly negative and unnecessary critical responses.  No more reviews focused on the execution of film, but merely on the positive ideals of creating.  Yes, I’ve changed the direction of this film blog (and even the theme…though it’s still a free one).  There are countless reasons why I felt it was needed, but it specifically came down to three.

1.  The Creativity Community Needs Support (Not Criticism)

My general nature, at times, is to constantly hate and point out mistakes or negatives that make things come off as a somewhat disinterested tone.  In my genuine sense, however, I appreciate and adore the creative community that allows for people like me who dive into the world of making things.  Films, television shows, artists, writers, producers, directors, whoever, are all part of this incredible ride of being paid to live out their dream.  Regardless if its Oscar worthy or a disappointment, people are doing and making, while I’m…sitting behind a computer and complaining.  Doesn’t make much sense does it?  My goals in life, especially in this industry, was not to work film criticism.  Though I have strong opinions and fast enough fingers to express my words of encouragement (or primarily discouragement), I’ve always felt somewhat uncomfortable by the fact that all I was actually doing was sounding like a bitter ex-girlfriend wishing I’d be given the same opportunities.  Now considering I’m in Los Angeles, working to rise up and be given these kinds of amazing chances to create and produce art, I feel that it’s part of the progressive and mature nature of an individual to support, regardless of product.  Yes, there are movies that may seem ridiculous or completely dull, but there was a reason for it being made, and whatever reason it may be and whatever validity it may or may not have had, there still was creative nature behind it.  Support and appreciation will take you to far places in whatever industry or career you go after, and it was important for me to join in on this attitude.

2.  Selling Your Soul For Superficiality

The main reason I created worthyourtimemovies was to educate and display to my friends and family that there are films out there that are worth people’s time and energy.  It seemed as if the cinematic culture these days are big budget, high-concept entertainment that is more of an escape than a reality check.  And though there will always be an audience for that and there’s always a time for big popcorn, blockbuster films, I’ve always wanted to push people and witness the beauty and wide diversity in the art of filmmaking.  Everyone talks about The Dark Knight or Transformers, but what about the Before Trilogy or the foreign films?  Everyone knows the Steven Spielbergs and the Johnny Depps, but what about the Bennett Millers or the J.C. Chandors working with actors like Vera Farmiga or Gary Oldman?  I personally felt there was a need for subtle revealing of this artistic world, and though it’s obviously not my duty nor my responsibility, I always wanted to showcase my passion and love for these kinds of movies.  But as the blog slowly progressed and gained some sort of notoriety, a distinct pattern of big movie reviews attracted a high volume of traffic.  Noticing this, I constantly went after reviews, and mostly film reviews of movies I had no passion in discussing.  I felt this loss of identity and purpose, and didn’t feel the same motivation that I had in blogging as I did before.  It slowly turned into movies that were worth other people’s time to movies that I thought were worth my time, and came off as brash, stubborn, and pretentious.  Though this is just a blog, it will no longer be a blog about hits and popularity.

3.  Purpose & Importance In Your Writing

As I stated before, I didn’t feel much purpose.  At first, I assumed it was because I didn’t have time or the motivation to write about movies in general, but I realized it was because I didn’t want to write about the things I was writing about.  So refocusing and centralizing on a new core, I’ve decided to reshift the blog towards a much higher and bigger picture.  This blog, though it will be updated with (positive) reviews and opinions, will gather itself as more of a journeyman’s journal.  It will be about the art as a whole, the films that promote inspiration and thoughtful reflection, and how an individual(s) who came from nowhere transpired to make it into an industry full of individuals from nowhere.  Talent isn’t the bottom line here, it’s about commitment.  And as someone who’s truly committed into making this dream become a reality, I’ve created a new, online site where I can recast my thoughts, my experiences, and my overall journey through this path of film & writing.  Will things work out?  Who knows.  The odds aren’t necessarily in my favor, but I believe that this was my life’s purpose, and I believe that telling stories and creating was something that I was meant to do, and I will do everything I can to learn, grow, and mature as a PA/Intern to a writer/director.

I’m done emphasizing this blog on what makes people read this site.  It’s tiring and overly depressing.  It’s about content.  That rings true for all forms of art, and it’d be hypocritical of me to not commit to this ideal here.  The Cinematic Course is about achieving one’s dream.  It’s about the path we take in going after our passions and love, and understanding our experiences through an industry that is incredibly plural and multidimensional.  There is no single path.  There is no cliche way.  It’s about you and what you’re willing to do for your goals in life.  I’m excited, determined, and willing to continue on this process.  And I invite anyone else to come along for the ride.

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