I’m Back! Trailers, Reviews, and Major Star Wars & The Avengers 2 Crossover!

Hello readers,

I just want to apologize for the long break that I’ve taken.  Since the Oscars, blogging has taken its toll, and with the amount of work that’s been at my realm for the last few months, I couldn’t keep up blogging about movies.  But with the summer schedule coming up and my graduation approaching, I’ve been given more opportunities to blog now.  Hooray!…

Anyways, I’ll start getting things back into routine with trailers, videos, reviews, opinions, articles, etc.  I know a lot has been released, especially for the potential huge summer that’s about to begin.  Plus, I have reviews for Spring Breakers, Evil Dead, Room 237, and The Place Beyond The Pines!  So keep it here.

As a treat, I would like to provide an amazing deleted scene from Parks & Recreation, where Patton Oswalt provides a filibuster giving an amazing idea for the new Star Wars film and The Avengers 2.  It’s amazing and hilarious.  Take a look.


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