Live Blog on the Oscars Telecast!

I will be blogging live on the Oscar Telecast including winners, sound bites, interesting situations and anything that needs my opinion.  All updates will be in Eastern Time.

You can also follow me on twitter at @Janoodles.

7:28 ET:  So far so good.  I still have some hope on the winners I hope to see get on the stage.  This is probably my happiest moment of the evening.  But I got some Potbelly sandwiches, having my iPad in hand and getting ready to have the worst night of the year.  Woohoo!

7:33 ET:  And why 99% of everyone else watches the Oscars: the fashion and red carpet.  I wonder if viewership is higher before the ceremony than during.  This is no good.

7:40 ET:  Questions I do not care for:  “Who are you wearing?”

7:45 ET:  This is a pretty cool contest, not gonna lie, considering I’m an aspiring filmmaker.  Glad to see Chicago Columbia being represented.  It also makes the Academy look awesome.  Good job Academy.

7:51 ET:  Dumbest guessing promo on the Red Carpet.  Stop wasting time.  Gosh these 40 minutes are going to take forever.

8:12 ET:  If you don’t know, there’s this supposed epic musical number tributing Dreamgirls, Chicago and Les Mis at the end of the show.  What will I be looking for?  Russell Crowe singing live.  Yes.

8:17 ET: And Daniel Day-Lewis wins for the Red Carpet Interview.  What a performance.

8:26 ET: It’s almost starting.  4 more minutes of worthless television.  What are we thinking Seth McFarlene is going to do for his opening number?  Something obnoxious?  Stupid?  Hilarious?  Offensive?  Hopefully all four.

8:30 ET:  Here we go.

8:31:  Great start Seth.  You made Tommy Lee Jones laugh.  You’re night is complete.

8:33:  Seth’s jokes are little too much for the Oscars, perfect for us outsiders.

8:35:  I loved the Chris Brown joke.  Those never get old.


8:40:  When did Charlize Theron dance?  And I totally forgot Channing Tatum could dance.  At least I know he could fight hence his film Fighting.

8:42:  I have no clue what’s going on, but this is definitely the best opening sequence ever.  This is art.

8:44:  Samuel L. Jackson is dressed like Django.  That’s odd.

8:47:  Best Supporting Actor is up.  Holy Cow.

8:51:  CHRISTOPH WALTZ!  WOW.  Totally ignore the win 2-3 years ago.  This is not going well Silver Linings Playbook or Lincoln.  Big win for Christoph.  QT for Screenplay now?

8:56:  Best Animated Short goes to Paperman.  Did he know he was going to win?  That totally ruins the surprise of it all.  Don’t like that idea.

8:59:  I knew it.  Brave was going to win this a while ago only because it’s from Pixar.  Got the prediction right, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.  Wreck-It-Ralph deserved the win.  Unfortunate.

9:01:  If you can mix Les Mis like this, it seems like an amazing film, until you actually watch the entire thing.  Life of Pi on the other hand, is just an amazing movie.  The highlight is not enough.

9:05:  I like McFarlene’s jokes.  they’re smart, witty and respectable.

9:07:  Best Cinematography goes to Life of Pi!  Well deserved.  But could we get a shot of Roger Deakins losing his 9th nomination?  Drinks anyone?

9:10:  Life of Pi wins again for Visual Effects.  Another it should win.  Life of Pi sweeping techs as predicted.

9:12:  I understand that you have to keep acceptance speeches short, but that was the rudest thing I’ve seen in a while from the Academy Awards.  Bad move Oscars, bad move.

9:18:  Costume Design goes to Anna Karenina.  Very predictable night so far.  This is not as exciting as we thought it was going to be.  Then again, except for Supporting Actor, all these categories had their award sewn up and ready to go.

9:19:  Best Makeup and Hairstyling goes to Les Miserables.  First “upset” of the evening, but if you really think about it, it was gonna go to Les Mis.  I’ll take the win…  still bitter about about Supporting Actor, but happy for Waltz.

9:23:  This Bond tribute makes me want to hear people’s acceptance speeches.

9:33:  Curfew wins as predicted.  Keep it going Academy.  You’re boring me.

9:35:  Inocente wins!  Kind of a surprise, except it was between Open Heart and Inocente.  Good win.

9:37:  For the Argo highlights, could we just get Ben Affleck not getting nominated for Director?  That’s all they need to show.

9:40:  Watching Zero Dark Thirty’s highlight reel makes me want to see it win.  What a disappointing end for a great American film.

9:44:  Predictablity keeps going.  Searching For Sugarman for Documentary Feature.  Weird, didn’t hear a thing about this documentary until it started winning.  So many great documentary films this year though.  Great year for documentary.

9:50:  Amour wins Best Foreign Film.  They actually didn’t announce it yet, but I can still live blog it.  if I’m wrong… oh gosh.

9:54:  Wait a minute, I saw this performance before.  Oh yeah, they did this same exact thing when it was nominated.  What creativity…

9:57:  At least its very obvious she isn’t singing live.

9:58:  They need to fire the sound guy for the 85th Academy Awards.

9:59:  Remember that scene in Dreamgirls where Eddie Murphy is doing drugs and sees the success of Dreamgirls and is still bitter?  I bet that is happening right now with Eddie Murphy, except the drugs part…I think.


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