Live Blog on the Oscars Telecast! Pt.3

10:55:  Best Picture goes to Argo.  Good night everyone.

10:53:  Foreshadow of Lincoln???????????

10:52:  Here it comes everyone.  Argo……Argo……Argo……..

10:50:  what a masterful speech.  DDL, you are too classy.

10:49:  I actually think Meryl could play Lincoln.  Just saying…

10:47:  Best Actor goes to Daniel Day-Lewis.  Haha.  Meryl Streep totally effed up the timing of that.

10:46:  I don’t want to blog anymore.

10:44:  Her fall kind of makes up for Riva not winning. 

10:41:  Gosh.  Chastain.  She should win.  but she wont.  AHHHH

10:40:  Spielberg not winning sums up the consensus feeling against Lincoln:  Not entertaining enough.  too talky.  Glad it went to Lee, but still, have this bitter feeling right now.

10:36:  Ang Lee winning means one thing: Argo wins Best Picture.  Lincoln only winning two Oscars is a shame.  Silver Linings potentially might lose all categories tonight.  Wow, didn’t think it would be a snub.

10:34:  Ang Lee Wins!!!  Knew it.  Knew it.  Knew it.

10:29:  I’m doing pretty well in terms of predictions, but the Riva and De Niro pick is going to be the end of my competitiveness.

10:26:  Quentin Tarantino wins!  Deserves it.  Glad to see him win.  But he looks like a slob.  Needs to clean it up.  But he’s great, so who gives a crap.

10:25:  It is seriously a crime that Lincoln loses Adapted Screenplay.  Absolutely a crime.  Someone must be punished.

10:24:  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:23:  Please no Argo.  Please no Argo.  Please no Argo.

10:22:  I’m scared for my predictions…  Spielberg, Lewis, Riva, Django, Argo and Argo.  I hope I’m wrong about two of them.  Guess which one…

10:18:  We’re almost crossing that three hour mark and we still haven’t gotten to Picture, Director, Actor, Actress or Screenplays.  Oh boy…

10:16:  Adele wins for Skyfall.  Another gimme category.  But we all knew it was going to win.

10:14:  I don’t like how two of the films didn’t get to perform.  Kind of a douche move.  But what else is new?  Keep the traits going Oscars.

10:12:  Chasing Ice is a must watch documentary.  MUST.

10:08:  Chicago cast announces Best Score.  And it goes to Life of Pi!  Well deserving.  Keep it sweepin…

10:07:  Who thought of celebrities diving?  Kind of dumb, but kind of genius…


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