Live Blog on the Oscars Telecast!

Here is a new post for the live blog.  Continuing on…


9:02:  Why are they wearing modern clothes?  That’s not fair.  Catherine Zeta-Jones is probably pissed.

9:03:  OH MY GOSH.  RUSSELL CROWE SINGING LIVE.  Only for 5 seconds, but it’s still amazing.

9:08:  To all respect, that was great.  Les Mis must be watched on stage.  It’s so good live…

9:11:  TED at the Oscars.  This might be bad…

9:12:  Best Sound Mixing goes to Les Miserables.  No surprise there.  Musicals ALWAYS win Best Sound Mixing.

9:15:  WHAT?!  A tie?!  But great to see Zero Dark Thirty wins first tie!!!

9:17:  Skyfall wins!  Wow, that almost made my night.  But I predicted Life of Pi but I’m okay because ZDT wins an Oscar and Argo doesn’t.  Pyah!

9:20:  I kind of loved that Sound of Music joke.!

9:22:  Best Supporting Actress goes to Anne Hatheway!  OH MY GOD!  Shocker.

9:25:  Still have a lot to get through but Oscar making a decent time.  Though that Jaws cue music could’ve worked when Hatheway was listing all the people in her life.  Stop.

9:28:  If the night continues this trend of predictablity, it’s going Argo’s way.  But we still have a lot of categories to go through.  Editing and Screenplay will be very very important.

9:29:  Harvey Weinstein would get up during the President’s speech.

9:31:  Seeing the twitter and Facebook reaction, people are starting to see the harsh realities of the Academy.

9:33:  There goes Best Picture.  Argo wins Best Editing.

9:35:  Adele is great.  No doubt.  But if she’s the only original song performing this year, then why even have the category?  Just give her the Oscar then.  Dumb dumb dumb.

9:37:  While Adele performs, an update on my predictions.  I’ve missed Supporting Actor, Best Documentary Short and and Sound Editing.  Everything else is good (depending on your definition of good)

9:41:  This is how the rest of the night is going to go.  P. Design: Anna Karenina, Song: Skyfall, Score: Life of Pi, O. Screenplay: Django, A. Screenplay: Argo, Director: Spielberg, Actor: Lewis, Actress: Lawrence and Picture: Argo.

9:44:  Right, mental illness, slavery and dying love all should be grouped together.  Though I see the love underlying.  Blah blah blah blah blah.

9:47:  Amour’s highlight reel was amazing.  absolutely amazing.

9:49:  LINCOLN WINS!  LINCOLN WINS!  Only Production Design, but still a big deal!

9:52:  The next step is Tony Kushner winning Adapted Screenplay.  Just as Lincoln deserved to win for Production, it by far, deserves to win Screenplay.  Come on Academy.

9:56:  I love watching the redubbing of Les Mis.  Great.

9:57:  In Memoriam.  Editing this thing is probably the easiest thing to do in the entire show, but probably feels the most pressure not to screw it up or forget someone.

9:59:  George Clooney is currently working on the sequel of Lincoln.

10:02:  Next year’s theme for the Oscars should be based off the movies that were nominated.  I know, so progressive.


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