Highly Positive Screening for MAN OF STEEL!

It’s almost March, which means we are two full months away from the first slew of summer films.  Whichever summer blockbuster you are anticipating, there’s no denying that Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder and produced by Christopher Nolan, is going to be an epic worth waiting for.  Now if it’s anything like The Dark Knight Rises then I can start my campaign of disappointment and hatred for the film now.  But from this early screening that was previewed for the execs for Warner Bros., it seems that the early excitement is granted.  Though, I don’t think execs would release information that they disliked it.  That would be very stupid.

The biggest thing that I’m taking away from this is the combination used by one of the sources.  “Story like Nolan with Snyder’s effects.”  That combination is a geek’s wet dream.  Let the Superman excitement begin!

Collider Story on Man of Steel Screening

Live Blog on the Oscars Telecast! Pt.3

10:55:  Best Picture goes to Argo.  Good night everyone.

10:53:  Foreshadow of Lincoln???????????

10:52:  Here it comes everyone.  Argo……Argo……Argo……..

10:50:  what a masterful speech.  DDL, you are too classy.

10:49:  I actually think Meryl could play Lincoln.  Just saying…

10:47:  Best Actor goes to Daniel Day-Lewis.  Haha.  Meryl Streep totally effed up the timing of that.

10:46:  I don’t want to blog anymore.

10:44:  Her fall kind of makes up for Riva not winning. 

10:41:  Gosh.  Chastain.  She should win.  but she wont.  AHHHH

10:40:  Spielberg not winning sums up the consensus feeling against Lincoln:  Not entertaining enough.  too talky.  Glad it went to Lee, but still, have this bitter feeling right now.

10:36:  Ang Lee winning means one thing: Argo wins Best Picture.  Lincoln only winning two Oscars is a shame.  Silver Linings potentially might lose all categories tonight.  Wow, didn’t think it would be a snub.

10:34:  Ang Lee Wins!!!  Knew it.  Knew it.  Knew it.

10:29:  I’m doing pretty well in terms of predictions, but the Riva and De Niro pick is going to be the end of my competitiveness.

10:26:  Quentin Tarantino wins!  Deserves it.  Glad to see him win.  But he looks like a slob.  Needs to clean it up.  But he’s great, so who gives a crap.

10:25:  It is seriously a crime that Lincoln loses Adapted Screenplay.  Absolutely a crime.  Someone must be punished.

10:24:  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:23:  Please no Argo.  Please no Argo.  Please no Argo.

10:22:  I’m scared for my predictions…  Spielberg, Lewis, Riva, Django, Argo and Argo.  I hope I’m wrong about two of them.  Guess which one…

10:18:  We’re almost crossing that three hour mark and we still haven’t gotten to Picture, Director, Actor, Actress or Screenplays.  Oh boy…

10:16:  Adele wins for Skyfall.  Another gimme category.  But we all knew it was going to win.

10:14:  I don’t like how two of the films didn’t get to perform.  Kind of a douche move.  But what else is new?  Keep the traits going Oscars.

10:12:  Chasing Ice is a must watch documentary.  MUST.

10:08:  Chicago cast announces Best Score.  And it goes to Life of Pi!  Well deserving.  Keep it sweepin…

10:07:  Who thought of celebrities diving?  Kind of dumb, but kind of genius…

Live Blog on the Oscars Telecast!

Here is a new post for the live blog.  Continuing on…


9:02:  Why are they wearing modern clothes?  That’s not fair.  Catherine Zeta-Jones is probably pissed.

9:03:  OH MY GOSH.  RUSSELL CROWE SINGING LIVE.  Only for 5 seconds, but it’s still amazing.

9:08:  To all respect, that was great.  Les Mis must be watched on stage.  It’s so good live…

9:11:  TED at the Oscars.  This might be bad…

9:12:  Best Sound Mixing goes to Les Miserables.  No surprise there.  Musicals ALWAYS win Best Sound Mixing.

9:15:  WHAT?!  A tie?!  But great to see Zero Dark Thirty wins first tie!!!

9:17:  Skyfall wins!  Wow, that almost made my night.  But I predicted Life of Pi but I’m okay because ZDT wins an Oscar and Argo doesn’t.  Pyah!

9:20:  I kind of loved that Sound of Music joke.!

9:22:  Best Supporting Actress goes to Anne Hatheway!  OH MY GOD!  Shocker.

9:25:  Still have a lot to get through but Oscar making a decent time.  Though that Jaws cue music could’ve worked when Hatheway was listing all the people in her life.  Stop.

9:28:  If the night continues this trend of predictablity, it’s going Argo’s way.  But we still have a lot of categories to go through.  Editing and Screenplay will be very very important.

9:29:  Harvey Weinstein would get up during the President’s speech.

9:31:  Seeing the twitter and Facebook reaction, people are starting to see the harsh realities of the Academy.

9:33:  There goes Best Picture.  Argo wins Best Editing.

9:35:  Adele is great.  No doubt.  But if she’s the only original song performing this year, then why even have the category?  Just give her the Oscar then.  Dumb dumb dumb.

9:37:  While Adele performs, an update on my predictions.  I’ve missed Supporting Actor, Best Documentary Short and and Sound Editing.  Everything else is good (depending on your definition of good)

9:41:  This is how the rest of the night is going to go.  P. Design: Anna Karenina, Song: Skyfall, Score: Life of Pi, O. Screenplay: Django, A. Screenplay: Argo, Director: Spielberg, Actor: Lewis, Actress: Lawrence and Picture: Argo.

9:44:  Right, mental illness, slavery and dying love all should be grouped together.  Though I see the love underlying.  Blah blah blah blah blah.

9:47:  Amour’s highlight reel was amazing.  absolutely amazing.

9:49:  LINCOLN WINS!  LINCOLN WINS!  Only Production Design, but still a big deal!

9:52:  The next step is Tony Kushner winning Adapted Screenplay.  Just as Lincoln deserved to win for Production, it by far, deserves to win Screenplay.  Come on Academy.

9:56:  I love watching the redubbing of Les Mis.  Great.

9:57:  In Memoriam.  Editing this thing is probably the easiest thing to do in the entire show, but probably feels the most pressure not to screw it up or forget someone.

9:59:  George Clooney is currently working on the sequel of Lincoln.

10:02:  Next year’s theme for the Oscars should be based off the movies that were nominated.  I know, so progressive.

Live Blog on the Oscars Telecast!

I will be blogging live on the Oscar Telecast including winners, sound bites, interesting situations and anything that needs my opinion.  All updates will be in Eastern Time.

You can also follow me on twitter at @Janoodles.

7:28 ET:  So far so good.  I still have some hope on the winners I hope to see get on the stage.  This is probably my happiest moment of the evening.  But I got some Potbelly sandwiches, having my iPad in hand and getting ready to have the worst night of the year.  Woohoo!

7:33 ET:  And why 99% of everyone else watches the Oscars: the fashion and red carpet.  I wonder if viewership is higher before the ceremony than during.  This is no good.

7:40 ET:  Questions I do not care for:  “Who are you wearing?”

7:45 ET:  This is a pretty cool contest, not gonna lie, considering I’m an aspiring filmmaker.  Glad to see Chicago Columbia being represented.  It also makes the Academy look awesome.  Good job Academy.

7:51 ET:  Dumbest guessing promo on the Red Carpet.  Stop wasting time.  Gosh these 40 minutes are going to take forever.

8:12 ET:  If you don’t know, there’s this supposed epic musical number tributing Dreamgirls, Chicago and Les Mis at the end of the show.  What will I be looking for?  Russell Crowe singing live.  Yes.

8:17 ET: And Daniel Day-Lewis wins for the Red Carpet Interview.  What a performance.

8:26 ET: It’s almost starting.  4 more minutes of worthless television.  What are we thinking Seth McFarlene is going to do for his opening number?  Something obnoxious?  Stupid?  Hilarious?  Offensive?  Hopefully all four.

8:30 ET:  Here we go.

8:31:  Great start Seth.  You made Tommy Lee Jones laugh.  You’re night is complete.

8:33:  Seth’s jokes are little too much for the Oscars, perfect for us outsiders.

8:35:  I loved the Chris Brown joke.  Those never get old.


8:40:  When did Charlize Theron dance?  And I totally forgot Channing Tatum could dance.  At least I know he could fight hence his film Fighting.

8:42:  I have no clue what’s going on, but this is definitely the best opening sequence ever.  This is art.

8:44:  Samuel L. Jackson is dressed like Django.  That’s odd.

8:47:  Best Supporting Actor is up.  Holy Cow.

8:51:  CHRISTOPH WALTZ!  WOW.  Totally ignore the win 2-3 years ago.  This is not going well Silver Linings Playbook or Lincoln.  Big win for Christoph.  QT for Screenplay now?

8:56:  Best Animated Short goes to Paperman.  Did he know he was going to win?  That totally ruins the surprise of it all.  Don’t like that idea.

8:59:  I knew it.  Brave was going to win this a while ago only because it’s from Pixar.  Got the prediction right, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.  Wreck-It-Ralph deserved the win.  Unfortunate.

9:01:  If you can mix Les Mis like this, it seems like an amazing film, until you actually watch the entire thing.  Life of Pi on the other hand, is just an amazing movie.  The highlight is not enough.

9:05:  I like McFarlene’s jokes.  they’re smart, witty and respectable.

9:07:  Best Cinematography goes to Life of Pi!  Well deserved.  But could we get a shot of Roger Deakins losing his 9th nomination?  Drinks anyone?

9:10:  Life of Pi wins again for Visual Effects.  Another it should win.  Life of Pi sweeping techs as predicted.

9:12:  I understand that you have to keep acceptance speeches short, but that was the rudest thing I’ve seen in a while from the Academy Awards.  Bad move Oscars, bad move.

9:18:  Costume Design goes to Anna Karenina.  Very predictable night so far.  This is not as exciting as we thought it was going to be.  Then again, except for Supporting Actor, all these categories had their award sewn up and ready to go.

9:19:  Best Makeup and Hairstyling goes to Les Miserables.  First “upset” of the evening, but if you really think about it, it was gonna go to Les Mis.  I’ll take the win…  still bitter about about Supporting Actor, but happy for Waltz.

9:23:  This Bond tribute makes me want to hear people’s acceptance speeches.

9:33:  Curfew wins as predicted.  Keep it going Academy.  You’re boring me.

9:35:  Inocente wins!  Kind of a surprise, except it was between Open Heart and Inocente.  Good win.

9:37:  For the Argo highlights, could we just get Ben Affleck not getting nominated for Director?  That’s all they need to show.

9:40:  Watching Zero Dark Thirty’s highlight reel makes me want to see it win.  What a disappointing end for a great American film.

9:44:  Predictablity keeps going.  Searching For Sugarman for Documentary Feature.  Weird, didn’t hear a thing about this documentary until it started winning.  So many great documentary films this year though.  Great year for documentary.

9:50:  Amour wins Best Foreign Film.  They actually didn’t announce it yet, but I can still live blog it.  if I’m wrong… oh gosh.

9:54:  Wait a minute, I saw this performance before.  Oh yeah, they did this same exact thing when it was nominated.  What creativity…

9:57:  At least its very obvious she isn’t singing live.

9:58:  They need to fire the sound guy for the 85th Academy Awards.

9:59:  Remember that scene in Dreamgirls where Eddie Murphy is doing drugs and sees the success of Dreamgirls and is still bitter?  I bet that is happening right now with Eddie Murphy, except the drugs part…I think.

The 2013 Oscar Predictions!

This is it.  It all comes down to this.  The Oscars.  Until it finishes and then we start a brand new year.  But we can all discuss about that and our post-depression after the 85th Academy Awards.  But let’s get straight to it.  Here are my predictions for the 2013 Academy Awards (and who should win).

Best Picture

Winner: Argo
Who Should Win:  Lincoln/Life of Pi
Spoiler Alert: Silver Linings Playbook

I hate hate hate how the Oscars are now predictable.  Though you always want to award film thats deserve the statue, it has become such a mammoth of a game with all these award shows and guilds prior to the big one.  It’s like if the two Super Bowl teams kept playing 4-5 times before the actual big game in February.  It’s became that big of a headache and has led to some anticlimactic years.  This year, it’s not so much predictable as frustrating.  Plain and simple: Argo is not the best film of 2012.  If I had a vote, I would probably have put Lincoln or Life of Pi as my number one rank, and Argo would most likely be my 5th or 6th.  Nonetheless, I predict it’s going to win.  Look out for Silver Linings Playbook to have a big night, and if does, this is going to be the icing on the cake.

Best Director

Winner: Steven Spielberg
Who Should Win: Spielberg/Ang Lee
Spoiler Alert: David O. Russell

As you can see, I’m very split between Life of Pi and Lincoln.  But considering I don’t have a lot of courage in these predictions, I’m going to stick with Spielberg just because it makes the most sense.  If Lincoln is somehow number one or number two behind Argo, then it makes a lot of sense that Spielberg will win his third Oscar for directing.  But something tells me Lincoln is not second.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Life of Pi or Silver Linings is ahead of Lincoln, which would lead to Director going to someone else.  I’m betting money on David O. Russell, not just because Vegas has him at +1500, but because I do think he has a legitimate chance of winning.  Over Ang Lee?  Not sure, but it all depends on how the night is playing out.  If we see De Niro and Lawrence win their respective categories, then I’d be a fool not to bet on Russell.  It’s anyone’s game.

Best Actor

Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis
Who Should Win: Daniel Day-Lewis
Spoiler Alert: Hugh Jackman

If there’s anyone that could potentially upset Abraham Lincoln is Hugh Jackman, but I don’t see that happening.  If it does, then you truly know that the Academy despised Lincoln and will not win one category throughout the entire evening.  But Lewis is going to win…….

Best Actress

Winner: Emannuelle Riva
Who Should Win: Jessica Chastain
Spoiler Alert: Emannuelle Riva

Though I predict Riva will win, she’s still not the favorite as Jennifer Lawrence is, but I think those who predict Lawrence will win don’t see the changing tide and emotional pull Riva has with the Academy.  They loved Amour, so much so they’re willing to sacrifice a 22 year old’s first Oscar (she’s going to get nominated again) and reward the 80’s something French actress who most likely will be her final film of her long and enduring career.  If you look at last year’s Best Supporting Actor, Christopher Plummer, who definitely didn’t put in the best work in that category, but still won because of his age and career’s work throughout the 82 years he’s been placed on this earth.  It’s more of a congratulatory win rather than it being truly deserving, but this year, it’s both a congrats and a deserving vote.  I would’ve voted for Chastain who delivered one of the all time great female roles of all time, but I don’t think I need to go into much detail about why ZDT has gotten one of the all time screwed over campaigns in Oscar history.

Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Robert De Niro
Who Should Win: Tommy Lee Jones
Spoiler Alert: Christoph Waltz

I think the Academy loves Silver Linings Playbook a lot more than the rest of Hollywood, and when you have Harvey F****** Weinstein behind your campaign, then you’re always a threat.  The favorite to most people is still Tommy Lee Jones or Christoph Waltz, but I’m sticking with De Niro.  Waltz technically is in a poster role (dominates screen time) but still his performance is well deserving.  But he just recently won and the Academy usually doesn’t reward the same actors between small gaps.  I would love to see Tommy Lee Jones win, but I’ll stick to my upset pick.

Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Anne Hatheway, Les Miserables
Who Should Win: Sally Field, Lincoln
Spoiler Alert: Sally Field, Lincoln

If Sally Field wins this, I’m calling Lincoln for Director and Picture.  But I highly doubt it.  Anne Hatheway has swept this award since December.  It’s hers for the taking.

Best Original Screenplay

Winner: Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained
Who Should Win: Mark Boal, Zero Dark Thirty
Spoiler Alert: Michael Haneke, Amour

This award all depends on how the Academy feels about these three films.  Django, ZDT and Amour are all in a dead heat race as they’ve split the industry’s votes between the WGA, Golden Globes, BAFTA, etc.  I’m sticking with Quentin on this one, but that’s because I’m going with what my head thinks this year.  My heart tells me Haneke because the Academy is in amour with Amour (someone shoot me, thanks) but I wouldn’t be surprised if any of these three wins, including the one I think deserves to win, Mark Boal.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Winner: Chris Terrio, Argo
Who Should Win: Tony Kushner, Lincoln
Spoiler Alert: David O. Russell, Silver Linings Playbook

This is the category that I potentially think will give us a foreshadow of who’s going to win Best Picture.  All four possible BP winners are in this category (including Life of Pi) and whoever wins this category I believe could very well also be on stage for Picture.  The only film that I see winning Adapted Screenplay and not winning Picture is Lincoln.  Tony Kushner’s script is by far the biggest achievement, but as you’ve noticed with the prior guilds, sometimes achievement is not the most important.  If Argo wins here, we can slowly see the blocks tumbling away and it revealing who will win Best Picture.

Best Editing

Winner: Argo
Who Should Win: Zero Dark Thirty
Spoiler Alert: Silver Linings Playbook

If anything except Argo wins editing (which it should) then anticipate an upset at Picture.  The only film that wins this category but it eventually meaning nothing will be ZDT.  What a shame…

Best Cinematography

Winner: Life of Pi
Who Should Win: Skyfall
Spoiler Alert: Lincoln

I don’t necessarily think Skyfall deserves to win, but I do think Roger Deakins does deserve his first damn Oscar.  He’s been nominated for the ninth time, but still is empty handed.  He’s the best director of photography working today, and almost no one touches him in terms of the quality of work he puts on year in and year out.  But I predict Life of Pi winning, and Deakins will have to sit out another year.  What a shame…

Best Production Design

Winner: Les Miserables
Who Should Win: Lincoln
Spoiler Alert: Anna Karenina

Okay, honestly, Anna Karenina is most likely going to win, but I just don’t want to feel stupid that if it does win, I at least have written it somewhere.  Well, I predict Les Mis is going to win a few categories and this is where it’ll win at least one Oscar.  It’s not the favorite, but I think the Academy just votes which film they enjoyed the most in certain categories.  Lincoln deserves to win, but it will be ignored.  Of course.

Best Sound Mixing

Winner: Les Miserables
Who Should Win: Skyfall
Spoiler Alert: Skyfall

All depends which film they enjoy more, Skyfall or Les Mis.  I’m going to stick with history here and say Les Miserables because musicals usually take this category.

Best Sound Editing

Winner: Life of Pi
Who Should Win: Zero Dark Thirty
Spoiler Alert: Life of Pi

I put Life of Pi as both winner and spoiler alert because I’m picking the upset here.  Skyfall and Argo are technically ahead of Life of Pi in terms of who’s in the lead, but Life of Pi sweeping the MPSE was enough for me to choose it.  Zero Dark Thirty deserves to win this award though, hands down.

Best Costume Design

Winner: Anna Karenina
Who Should Win: Lincoln
Spoiler Alert: Les Miserables

Anna Karenina will win the Oscar here.  If Lincoln does, potential big night for Lincoln.

Best Original Score

Winner: Life of Pi
Who Should Win: Life of Pi
Spoiler Alert: Lincoln

John Williams will lose, but if he somehow doesn’t, then like Costume, could lead to bigger things.  Life of Pi though deserves to win this category.  Great great soundtrack.

Best Original Song

Winner: Skyfall
Who Should Win: Skyfall
Spoiler Alert: Anything other than Skyfall

If Adele performs and attends, you better give it to Skyfall.

Best Foreign Language Film

Winner: Amour
Who Should Win: Amour
Spoiler Alert: Kon-Tiki

Amour will win its first Oscar here (unless Screenplay is before Foreign Language film).

Best Documentary Feature

Winner: Searching for Sugarman
Who Should Win: The Invisible War
Spoiler Alert: How To Survive A Plague/The Invisible War

Searching for Sugarman has swept, but the Academy has a track record of not voting with the trends for documentary.  Only if this were true for everything else.

Best Animated Feature

Winner: Brave
Who Should Win: Wreck-It-Ralph
Spoiler Alert: Frankenweenie

I hope hope hope Brave doesn’t win, but I think it will.  the most deserving film here is Wreck-It-Ralph, and most experts are picking it to win.  But Pixar is the new monster, and it usually wins this category.  Also add in the fact it’s won many of the precursors, and I think you have your eventual winner.  Don’t be surprised if Tim Burton somehow goes up on stage and creeps everyone out.  And then Helena Bonham Carter will come up with him for some reason.

Best Visual Effects

Winner: Life of Pi
Who Should Win: Life of Pi
Spoiler Alert: Anything Else

Richard Parker is the greatest achievement this year.

Best Makeup and Hair

Winner: Les Miserables
Who Should Win: The Hobbit
Spoiler Alert: Les Miserables

Technically, The Hobbit is the favorite, but what I think most people are forgetting is the new addition to the category, Hair.  I don’t think Academy members know squat about makeup and hair, and I really don’t think they liked the Hobbit and its HFR nonsense, so in response, they’ll make sure it loses the one category it most likely should and would win.  Les Miserables, take your Oscar.

Best Live Action Short

Winner: Curefew
Spoiler Alert: Henry

Best Animated Short

Winner: Paperman
Spoiler Alert: Adam & Dog

Best Documentary Short

Winner: Open Heart
Spoiler Alert: Inocente

Well, there they are folks.  I do expect my predictions to get demolished tonight, but hey, who cares?!  But good luck and enjoy your Oscars night.  And in tribute for the films of 2012, here is a great video.

The 2013 Oscars Preview: Best Picture

The last and fine grueling category of the 2013 Academy Awards.  It’s been a long journey, and considering this is the final day before the big day, it’s always important to note the films that haven’t won Best Picture as does who did.  Here are some films that did not win Best Picture:  Citizen Kane, Psycho, The Shawshank Redemption, Vertigo, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Apocalypse Now, Fargo, Pulp Fiction, Jaws, Goodfellas, E.T., The Wizard of Oz, The Social Network and many more.  Considering these are some of the greatest films of all time including Vertigo and Citizen Kane being ranked number one and two on AFI’s Greatest 100 films, yeah, the Academy doesn’t get things right all the time.  This may include the 2013 Oscars, but for now, let’s preview the Best Picture category.  

Best Picture

Beasts of the Southern Wild
Django Unchained
Les Miserables
Life of Pi
Silver Linings Playbook
Zero Dark Thirty

This race has been a gruesome one.  We’ve had multiple frontrunners and favorites in a span about 4-5 months, starting off with Argo in early October.  Coming off a hot premiere in Tulleride, it looked like the early favorite in a very weak year, until November and December came around.  This included the releases of over half of the BP nominees, and Argo took the back burner of the hot and fiery race.  Lincoln was looked at as the monster of this year’s Oscar race, considering the general public was drowning it with financial success, and pairing it with the historic performances from Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Field and Tommy Lee Jones and one of the top five greatest directors of all time in Steven Spielberg, it was a forecast in Lincoln’s favor.  

Then for a slight moment, there was this arousal of Les Miserables, which only came from a weekend of screenings and word of mouth.  Once the critics got a hold of it, people knew it wasn’t going to withstand a chance at winning Best Picture.  Then came the entire situation with Zero Dark Thirty.  It met with praise and critical acclaim, and it became the favorite to win Best Picture and other categories including Actress, Director (maybe) and Original Screenplay.  And then came the eventual downfall of the film, as it was blitzed with a media annihilation on all this torture nonsense.  Once the favorite, it now had to be rewarded to another film.  The question was which film?

Films like Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Les Mis and Django are all fills that round out the nominees, but have little to no chance of winning.  Zero Dark Thirty, though most likely will be one of the selected films in this list that will have a long lasting legacy, cannot win either.  Too controversial to win, it will be rewarded in the same way The Social Network, Goodfellas and Citizen Kane is, by it should’ve.  Though I don’t know how much satisfaction that provides, it is good to know you’re film is collectively better than the eventual Best Picture winner.  But if Zero Dark Thirty doesn’t win, that the Academy has to award a film that is everything Zero Dark Thirty isn’t.  And that’s where Argo comes in.  

Lincoln isn’t liked enough.  Too “talky” for it to win.  Life of Pi is possibly to spiritual and too challenging of a film to win, considering it doesn’t have the domestic appeal as some of the other films.  And this is where we go down the line, in quality and in critical success, where Argo’s name takes the spot.  I wonder if the Academy will realize that their opinions of Argo is clearly stated in the nominations, especially when Ben Affleck was snubbed, and then still reward it win Best Picture.  And in all likelihood, they will, because the Academy is becoming more centered on what the guilds tell them to do rather than what they themselves think they should do.  

Though Argo has swept all the awards and precursors, I still see a possible chance of Lincoln, Life of Pi or Silver Linings Playbook take Best Picture, but it all depends on how some of the earlier categories play out.  Here are some of the scenarios favoring the four films still in play.

-Win Best Adapted Screenplay
-Anyone except Spielberg or David O. Russell wins Director
-Win Best Editing
-Wins both Sound Categories

-Must win Best Director
-Must win Best Adapted Screenplay
-Wins 1-2 Tech Categories 
-If Sally Field upsets, it definitely has a much stronger chance of winning Picture

Silver Linings Playbook
-Wins Best Director
-Wins Best Adapted Screenplay
-Wins Two Acting Categories (Actress and Supporting Actor)

Life of Pi
-Wins at least four Tech Categories
-Must win Best Director
-Wins Best Adapted Screenplay

Considering all of these scenarios, I think Argo’s chances are still the greatest by a long shot.  But the only reason I believe this is how all the previous awards have played out.  The only winner has been Argo, and as a progressing “expert”, you have to sense the culture and get past your own personal choices and opinions.  I would love to see any other film than Argo win Best Picture, mainly because I want to see something shocking.  I love when the underdog wins like Adrien Brody for the Pianist.  

But the reality is is that it’s going to be Argo’s night.  Argo will also go down as one of the weakest winners of all time, as most experts are predicting it to only win between 2-4 Oscars.  I predict it’ll win three, and if that’s the case, then it deserves to be placed along winners including The King’s Speech, Wings and Crash.  And most likely, that’s where Argo will be placed, as Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and Life of Pi will be placed on a higher legacy pedestal.