The Best of 2012 Awards: Top 5 Biggest Disappointments

Well, this is not necessarily a good thing to win, but I’m sure no one really cares about a blogger labeling their film as a disappointing.  Though this year has by far been one of the best years in film, it still contains a number of flops, failures and fixating mistakes.  And considering I’m not a film critic so I’m not responsible or obliged to watch every movie out there (that sounds horrible…), I still see the occasional fail of a movie, mostly leading to my strong disappointment.  So here is my Top 5 Biggest Disappointments of 2012.

5.  Snow White & The Huntsman

(Kristen Stewart’s most successful scene as an actor)

The main reason why I was disappointment with this film is solely on the shoulders of the trailer.  It was an unreal trailer, setting up for a highly anticipated release that never met my expectations.  You can put much of the blame solely on the shoulders of the first time director Rupert Sanders, who seemed like he wanted execute his main star than the film.  Shot more appropriately as multiple music videos and then a connected film, it really needed more substance and better direction.  Not the worst film of the year, but definitely one of the most disappointing.

4.  Ted

                                                          (This is my exact reaction while watching Ted)

Sometimes people think I go into every film with the same attitude and angle.  This is obviously not true.  I don’t expect the same things from an Oscar film as I would with Ted.  It would foolish and distasteful to do that, but even then, Ted was a fail of a comedy.  There were times where I felt awkward watching this film.  A lack of music here, a lack of direction there, and a whole lot of mess everywhere.  There were bright moments in Ted, but overall, the trailer took all the best pieces and robbed this film of any humorous experience.  Seth McFarlene is a talented an individual, and I hope he gets further work in Hollywood, and I’ll give him a pass on this one, but as for Ted, it’s etched as one of the biggest disappointments of 2012.

3.  Brave

                                                    (“Follow me as I lead this movie into much stupidity”)

Every Pixar movie is an event, and from Toy Story to Toy Story 3 (not only referring the Toy Story franchise, but that was the first Pixar film and the last successful Pixar film until Cars 2…sorry for the long explanation) it was an amazing journey watching Pixar release movie after movie with such emphasis on story and development.  And with Brave, they were literally taking a risky story putting a female lead as their main protagonist.  And for the first half of the film, it was as enjoyable as any other Pixar film I’ve watched.  And then they did a complete 180, ruining all the momentum and excitement the first half brought, bringing Brave down to the level of all other stupid animated films.  I’m bitter and frustrated with Brave, as it could’ve been something amazing, but for some reason, it wasn’t.  Disappointment indeed.

2.  Les Miserables

                                               (Exactly how I felt listening to Russell Crowe sing non-stop)

Just recently reviewing this film, I don’t need to go into much depth on why I was disappointed with this film.  I actually did like the film somewhat, but overall, it’s just unfortunate how much potential this film had, and how flat it felt afterwards.  The movie hits its highest notes in the beginning, and slowly wrestles us back, not giving us the fulfilling experience the stage production provided, but a false hope, giving us glimpses of eventual return, but never providing it.  I loved aspects, but overall, it was one of the biggest disappointments of 2012.  And while were on the topic of false hope…

1.  The Dark Knight Rises

                                     (“Gotham City is stupid, very stupid.  So I can only give them stupid.”)

Instead of going on 1,000 word rant, here’s a great video that sums up everything that sucked with The Dark Knight Rises, by far the most disappointing film of 2012 and of this short decade.


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