The Best of 2012 Awards: Top Ten Trailers of 2012!

As the end of 2012 is quickly approaching, I thought it was appropriate to begin the best of 2012 Awards.  Each day will have a list of awards as today will introduce the Top Ten Trailers of 2012 (not ranked).

December 28th – Top 5 Most Disappointing Films of 2012
December 29th – Top 10 Performances of 2012
December 30th – Top 15 Films of 2012 (15-6)
December 31st – Top 15 Films of 2012 (5-1)

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we post plenty of trailers, mainly because no one hates trailers.  Honestly, trailers are amazing, and I hate being late to a movie just because I don’t want to miss any of the trailers.  Now most trailers show too much of the film or take the best and juiciest parts, but there are times where trailers just work perfectly.  They show just enough to get us excited but wanting more.

Here are my ten favorite trailers of 2012 (rules are the trailer must’ve come out during the calendar year, even if the film has not been released yet).

Prometheus (Trailer #1)
Listen, this is the one film that I loved from 2012 that I’ll always get crap for.  I don’t care.  But save that criticism for my Top Films of 2012.  Though the film is polarizing in opinion, I think we all can agree that this trailer created the intense hype of what Prometheus (or hoped) was going to be.  This trailer made us anticipate for one of the bigger science fiction films that has come out in a while.

Man Of Steel (Trailer #1)
The teaser for Man of Steel that played in front of The Dark Knight Rises was amazing, but I had to choose the full length trailer over the teaser, mainly because we get everything we loved about the teaser with more beautiful shots, exciting action scenes and a potential epic Superman film we’ve never seen before.  This trailer gives us hope that Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan knows exactly what they’re doing.  Keep us hoping!

Skyfall (Teaser)
I didn’t fall in love with the movie, but the teaser made me fall in love with the potential of Skyfall.  It gives us a glimpse of the new direction this new Bond film was headed, and though we don’t really see the best part of this film (Javier Bardem), his presence is clearly felt.  But besides the amazing techno-like Bond theme song, it’s a prime example of how to tease the mass audiences waiting anxiously for a film to arrive.

Zero Dark Thirty (Trailer #2)
This trailer should be used to all trailer makers of how to set the tone, intensity and the premise of the film without giving away too much of pretty much anything.  We see bold images that really give us nothing of hard substance, but mixed with the music, we understand what we’re going to experience.  It works perfectly.  Every time I see this trailer it gives me chills, as it continually pushed my eagerness to watch this film, but also the genius of this trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises (Trailer #1)
Honestly, I thought all the trailers were more enjoyable then the film, but I won’t go on my rants…  But though the film will DEFINITELY make my Biggest Disappointment List of 2012, the trailers added to this disappointment only because it increased my excitement by tenfold.  My goodness, I can remember my initial reaction of seeing the football field exploding.  My jaw literally dropped.  This and the other trailers of TDKR created a cloud of anticipation and excitement that was never fully reached, but it did what a trailer was suppose to do.

Project X (Official Trailer)
I could watch this trailer in place of the film.  The movie is pretty much a full length feature of this trailer, and the trailer is much cooler.  Seeing everything unfold in the movie was a downer, but that can’t go against the success of the trailer.  The music, the editing, the invitation.  It all works well.  I’m pretty sure this trailer is the main reason why all those dumb teenagers went to go see this dumb movie.  Good job.

Snow White & The Huntsman (Trailer #2)
This was one of my most anticipated films of the summer mainly because of these extremely successful and addicting trailers.  The trailer gives us a plot that’s very interesting and engaging, and literally took all the best visuals of the film into one 3 minute highlight.  Unfortunately, these are the downfalls of a trailer like this as the film can’t match the intensity or the potential we all witnessed, but nonetheless, what a trailer!

The Master (Official Trailer #1)
You can just tell from the trailer that we’re about to experience the oddity and quirkiness of Paul Thomas Anderson.  His films are from another world, and his art is astounding.  What this trailer does so well is not hide away from it, but embrace it.  Sometimes trailers sell the movie in a way that’s not true to its identity because it wants to sell tickets, but instead, this trailer is selling the actual movie.  And though some may not enjoy The Master, I for one, loved this trailer and loved the film.

Les Miserables (Trailer #1)
I still get chills watching this trailer.  I mean, it makes sense considering it takes the most emotional song of the film from its best performance and integrates emotional scenes that capture what Les Miserables is all about, but if it was on the big screen.  Though the film doesn’t work in this way (NO MORE RUSSELL CROWE), this first official trailer of Les Miserables truly started the wave of fire anticipating this Broadway favorite.

The Avengers (Official Assemble Trailer)
I think after watching this official Assemble trailer, we all knew that The Avengers was in good hands.  We we’re given glimpses and short previews of the film, but this trailer officially gave us our first in-depth look of what to expect, and wow, was it ever exciting.  We got all the major super heroes packed into one trailer but also a glimpse of their struggle and eventual teamwork.  Plus, we finally saw the villains and their crazy flying monsters destroying New York City.  It was the first time we got to see a wide glimpse and scale of the film, and though it was only a few months away, it made the wait seem like an eternity.

And now the worst trailer of 2012.  Don’t know what’s worse, that someone actually thought this movie was a good idea, or that Norm McDormand agreed to this.  Any movie can have a great trailer, even if the movie sucks.  But my goodness, this trailer is so awful, it probably did the movie justice.  I’ll pay someone $5 to watch this movie in its entirety.


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