House of Cards from David Fincher on Netflix!

I know this is a movie blog, but it tempts me so much to discuss television as it has become on par with the film industry.  Television has been so good (well, the cable networks) and Netflix has achieved a stroke of genius with having exclusive rights to certain shows including the resurrection of Arrested Development and a new series from David Fincher called House of Cards.  This is the kind of show that gets me all nerdy inside as it mixes all my favorites (politics, corruption and conspiracy…maybe I should’ve went into politics) in one giant beautiful pool.  Just by watching this trailer you know you’re getting Fincher-esque quality in every shot, and television is slowly rising, looking back at films and saying, “it has been done”.  Look out world.

All episodes of House of Cards will arrive on Netflix on February 1st, 2013.


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