World War Z Trailer Starring Brad Pitt Released!

World War Z, the epic novel that has been transitioned into film, has finally released its first trailer after months of reshoots and rewrites.  Since the first day of production, the film has been plagued (thank you) from studio executives involving themselves too much, over budget issues, reshoots that take over 8-9 weeks (unheard of in the industry) and even Damon Lindelof coming on board to fix the script.  Plot holes indeed.  Add on to the recent run-in it had with the police with carrying actual weapons and you got the perfect example for a production apocalypse.  Everything that has gone wrong has gone wrong on set, and they should feel accomplished that they were able to release a trailer.  Nonetheless, the trailer has its moments and is clearly an intense ride, but has a similar feel to I Am Legend, the white version.  But they’re lucky that zombies are as popular as Justin Bieber right now, so selling the film won’t be hard to do.  Be the judge for yourself.


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