New Director In Place for Star Wars Episode VII? How X-Men and Kick-Ass 2 Might Give Us Answers…

There are actually conflicting reports online right now between Collider and AintItCoolNews about who will reign the director’s chair for Disney’s new tentpole Star Wars VII for 2015.  Everyone has been making their own wish lists and listing out rumors, but there are two rumors out there right now that are solidified through sources.  Obviously, both stories can’t be right, so something has to give, but for now, these are the two reports that I’m going to stick with.
Reports are right now that Brad Bird may take the director’s position with Damon Lindelof (writer of Lost and Prometheus) creating the script.  Much of the speculation is coming from one source through their own explanation of the situation, but this speculation is not as plausible considering Lindelof is definitely not the type of writer Disney would hire for something as big as Star Wars.  Especially considering Lindelof has multiple projects lined up, it wouldn’t make sense to hire him for such a big project that’s going to take multiple scripts and re-writes.  Brad Bird is something of an interesting rumor (besides the fact that this blog has chosen Bird as the best candidate), but there are no solidified sources.

However, this next rumor may actually have some sort of ground as rumors and sources have confirmed that Matthew Vaughn is in the negotiation stages of signing on for Star Wars VII.  This would answer the questions of why Matthew Vaughn dropped out of the X-Men: First Class sequel and did not sign on as director for Kick-Ass 2.  Matthew Vaughn is quite the hot commodity as he’s created a string of great films (Layer Cake, Stardust, Kick-Ass and X-Men).  Vaughn as director may actually sound legitimate considering his ability to work on a grand scale and with large casts.  He’s young (relative to George Lucas), new and has screenwriting credibility, which means Disney would be getting a good deal.  This makes a lot of sense and wouldn’t be surprised if we heard an announcement on Matthew Vaughn signing for Star Wars.  We will definitely be watching this with a class eye and seeing if anything develops.


One thought on “New Director In Place for Star Wars Episode VII? How X-Men and Kick-Ass 2 Might Give Us Answers…

  1. This is obviously going to be the longest wait anyone has ever had for a Star Wars film. Hopefully the speculation begins to become more substantive as above the line talent is actually confirmed for this project and we begin to zero in on an actual picture of this uh…picture. That being said, I would prefer Brad Bird over Matthew Vaughn. Bird has a stronger sense of composition, more experience being a screenwriter both as an individual and a collaborator (I mean he worked at Pixar, that is practically a Masters Degree in Story Engineering), and a cleaner overall style. He has already proven he can work in an established blockbuster franchise with Mission Impossible and he has a good relation with the actual Disney administration which ain’t nothing.

    Vaughn to me is an excessively stylish director, both to his credit and detriment, and has dropped out of more projects than stoners have out of high school which gives me, and I’m sure Disney, more than a little reason to be nervous. On the other hand he started out as a producer which seems to give him a good sense of production (duh) which he showed during what sounded like a crazy schedule for “X-Men: First Class”. Plus he likes working with ensemble casts; a skill set that should serve him well in an epic like Star Wars.

    I would be interested to see the other candidates in the race. There are of course some obvious ones that will not happen. Fellow gearheads and friends of George Lucas, Peter Jackson and James Cameron, both have the special effects experience, storytelling sense, and franchise work to get the job done, especially Jackson. And Cameron isn’t actually working on anything right now even though he really is. I wouldn’t mind having Spielberg on either seeing as he helmed the Indiana Jones films quite well (I lay the blame of IV at Lucas’s feet like everybody else). Spielberg also did quite well with a few other sci-fi films you might have heard of.

    It would be nice though if we could perhaps include a fresh face or at least someone from this current generation of filmmakers. I mean, c’mon, every young filmmaker today has experience with science fiction: Duncan Jones, Josh Trank, Neil Blomkamp, Rian Johnson, Gareth Edwards etc. Seriously it is time Hollywood take care of the next generation of filmmakers.

    The main reason Vaughn doesn’t work for me though is that he has such an adult sensibility. Kick Ass isn’t exactly the calling card you use to promote yourself for Star Wars and neither is Layer Cake for that matter. His only fantasy film really is Stardust and even that is bit risque. If we are going for darker and more mature, let’s give it up for David Fincher. Already rumored for the original prequels, he is a master filmmaker who’s style is still classical enough to not give an audience pause, I mean he’s not Terrence Malick or anything. And he already is in talks with Disney over 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. So if that falls through, fingers crossed….

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