Is Disney Taking Over Star Wars A Good Thing? (And Who Should Be The New Director for Star Wars)

I’m sure you’ve all heard the big news by now and it’s the official sale of Lucasfilms to Disney in a mega deal worth a little more than $4 billion.  If you haven’t, then you need to click this link: YOU ARE SLOW.    Now what most people forget to mention is that Disney is not just buying Star Wars, but they are also buying INDIANA JONES.  Two franchises that defined the 80’s, though that means absolutely nothing now.  But still, the grand scheme of things, Disney is literally taking over the world.  I don’t what else Disney needs to do to flex its muscles and telling everyone in Hollywood that the Miami Heat’s organizational plans have been installed to Major Studios now.  Studios don’t make money just through ticket sales.  DVDs, action figures, reruns through cable television, box sets, gift sets, etc.  Disney enterprises now includes Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilms.  Let’s think about that before we push that statement away.  Besides Disney’s history through its classic animation films, it now has the best animation production company today, it also has the biggest comic book company including its successful film franchise and now it adds arguably the greatest science fiction/fantasy franchise ever.  Forget the financial implications of this move, but think of the creative influences Disney now runs through Hollywood.  Money does equal power, and Disney will have plenty of power now in the film industry.

At first, I thought it was a brilliant move, not just from Disney’s point of view, but from a film fan in general.  Disney is not one to sacrifice quality, especially for the dollar sign.  They focus on what’s best for its product but also maximizes profit potential by providing what the audience wants.  In essence, it uses its smarts to make money.  Quite a brilliant equation.  Only if the rest of Hollywood would understand this (especially you Brett Ratner).  Moving forward, the bigger news is that Star Wars Episode 7 will be released in 2015, which means this will be the first time a new Star Wars film has come out since Episode 3 and not be under the control of George Lucas.  I’m know die hard Star Wars fan, but I just cannot imagine George Lucas not being the core to Star Wars.  Yes, he will be signed as a creative consultant, but that just means his name is attached so fanboys don’t die a hopeless death (though being alone is something they can accept).  I wonder how much of a drastic change not just the new Star Wars film, but the franchise as a whole will change.

Did we need another Star Wars?  I was happy with the story it told and how it ended.  Are we ready for a new branch of Star Wars characters and stories?  It will appeal to our generation, which means we will somehow stupify it for our Facebook friends.  Remember, we we’re all excited for the new Indiana Jones and unfortunately, our desires were met.  It’s clear that George Lucas has lost a step (the last three Star Wars and Indiana Jones), but there’s nothing wrong with leaving a classic stay as a classic.

It’s funny because I’m all about renovation and moving forward.  But somehow, Disney buying out Lucasfilms leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Maybe I don’t want one studio dominating Hollywood forever.  Maybe I don’t want Cinderella, Iron Man and Darth Vader under one roof.  But if there’s anything that I’ve learned with Disney is that it protects its product with dignity and plenty of self-esteem.  Disney did a masterful job with The Avengers and they leave companies in tact so they don’t lose its steam it has already built.  But Disney building its arsenal with Star Wars and Indiana Jones will be watched under a careful eye, especially when the new director is announced.

And here is my recommendation for the next Star Wars director:

Brad Bird, director of Ratoutille, The Incredibles and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.  New, innovative and has the creative vision to take Star Wars on to a new level.


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