Forever Changed Experience? I Hope Not…

I went to a late screening of The Master tonight (which I will review after having a night’s worth of sleep), and during the film, a man from the back of the theater gently walked down the stairs looking suspiciously in a threatening matter.  As I saw the man pass my row, I couldn’t help but think, “just in case…”.  It wasn’t that I chose to be reminded of the tragic events in Aurora, CO, but it was a natural reaction to something that felt out of place.  In reality, it was an older male gingerly walking down to the stairs to most likely use the bathroom.  But in a dark theater where anyone can pass as anything, who knows?  Unfortunately, I feel that this won’t be the last time I become aware of my surroundings in a theater for my own safety, rather than concentrating on what is happening on screen, and who can blame anyone who thinks like that?  One individual has broken the barriers of safety and escape in the theater, and has forever allowed a disturbance to our trip to the movies.  The real tragedy will always be the individuals who lost their lives.  There’s no doubt about that.  But an underrated aspect of it all is how it affects all members of society.  Just like 9/11 or Columbine, any event can change everyday activities.  And it seems that going to the theater for now has been perverted and stained.


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