International Reviews For The Amazing-Spider Man Released!

The word out of some international reviews is that Amazing Spider-Man delivers.  Not raves, but positive opinions specifically highlighting Andrew Garfield’s performance and the action sequences fully delivering on what it promised in the trailers.  Here are some highlighted summaries of some of these reviews.

  • Total Film – (4/5) It iamazing-spider-man-reviewssn’t perfect but this reboot’s wins outweigh its wobbles. The leads charm, the action crackles and the grooves are well-laid for part two. Untold story? Next time, then.
  • Static Mass Emporium(4/5) Despite what I see as oversights in the film’s narrative, The Amazing Spider-Man is an exciting adventure that spins together a great cast and amazing special effects.
  • The Guardian – (4/5) Marc Webb’s successful synthesis of action and emotion, together with a terrific performance by Andrew Garfield, means that this Spider-Man is as enjoyable as it is impressive.
  • Telegraph(4/5) Though it still packs plenty of testosterone, Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man is the superhero film for the Twilight generation.
  • Time Out London – (4/5) The Amazing Spider-Man is light on its feet and feels both intimate and expansive, smoothly making the transition from hanging out in school corridors to hanging off the sides of buildings.
  • SFX(4/5) The Amazing Spider-Man more than succeeds. It may not have the non-stop action and spectacle of Avengers Assemble, but it does have characters you can fall in love with, and bags of charm. You feel the series is in safe hands with Webb, Garfield and Stone. And in an extra scene in the end credits, it also delivers an enticing cliffhanger that should definitely leave you wanting more…
  • London Evening Standard– (2/5) Webb’s film is slow on plot, skimpy on character development…Webb saves up most of the emotional punch for a downbeat, wet-eyed ending in which Garfield and Stone are superb.
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