Les Miserables Trailer Released!

The adaptation to the wildly successful Broadway hit musical has released its first official teaser trailer with some amazing shots and great set pieces.  This is the kind of film many Les Mis fans have envisioned with such a strong cast including Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfriend, etc.  Though I still despise Tom Hooper for stealing the Oscar from David Fincher, I will ley by-gones be by-gones if he succeeds.  From the looks of it, I think I’ll stop taking this one personally.  Les Miserables comes out Christmas 2012.

The Round-About News! (Cannes, TDKR (Of Course), New Quentin Tarintino Clip and More)

Here are the top stories circulating around the film industry.

1.  Cannes Film Festival & Winner

So if you don’t know, Cannes has just officially ended as the grand jury awarded its highest honor, The Palme d’Or (Golden Palm in English) to the best film in the competitive category.  If you are unfamiliar with the Cannes Film Festival, it is regarded as the biggest film festival in the world in terms of quality, talent and sheer publicity as filmmakers, actors, producers and execs all meet in the city of Cannes in Southern France to watch some of the most beautiful films ever created.  This year’s winner is Amour (Love) written and directed by Michael Haneke.  It is a French film and most entries are foreign entries (non-American), but it is truly an honor to be regarded as the best from the Cannes Film Festival.  Some pretty notable winners of the Palme d’Or were The Tree of Life, The White Ribbon, Pulp Fiction, The Pianist and Fahrenheit 9/11.

2. The Dark Knight Rises Marketing in High Gear

If you haven’t noticed, there have been a slew of The Dark Knight Rises posters, banners, images, interviews, etc. all around the web recently.  It’s like The Avengers marketing scheme all over again.  But this time, they know they have to compete with a comic book film that set the bar pretty high.  But some of the things that we’ve seen already is pretty impressive.  Here are some of my favorite images.

And this is the coolest.

3.  Django Unchained Footage Released!

If you are a die-hard Quentin Tarintino fan like I am, then this news will get you super excited.  During the Cannes festival, The Weinstein Company released some footage from three of their new movies coming out this fall for the Awards circuit, and one of them was footage from Tarintino’s new film, Django Unchained.  His latest film is located in the South pre-Civil War as an escaped slave named Django teams up with a barber to find his trapped wife by an evil plantation owner.  Now, this is definitely something Tarintino would love to work on as you can imagine the amount of swearing, violence, racism and revenge there will be within this fun and exciting feature.  The cast itself is impressive.  Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio (as the evil and racist plantation owner!), Samuel L. Jackson, Don Johnson, and much more.  And for the reactions?  Well, what else would you expect.  Here is the response. 

4.  The Great Gatsby Trailer

Unfortunately, I had high hopes for this film, and though Baz Luhrmann has his traditional and exotic ways with his films, I had faith that he would deliver what I expected to be a true and honest depiction of the classic written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  I think if Fitzgerald saw this trailer he would be totally WTF?!  This is not the tone of the book nor is it appropriate of the era.  Now, before people go all Nazi on me, I understand this is a trailer and not necessarily capturing the film itself, but from the music choice to the vibrant colors and tones, this film just looks like a major disappointment.  I mean, Jay-Z and Kanye West?!  I didn’t know the Safe House trailer was so legit…And one last note, Tobey Maguire should never be able to have a voice over cause all I think about is his monotone Spider-Man.

5.  The Master Trailer

Now for a much better and captivating trailer…Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film, The Master, centered around a WWII veteran who goes throuh some traumatic experiences, starts his own religion.  Pretty intense and stark material.  But for PTA, this is nothing new.  The director who created some classics as Boogie Nights, Magnolia and There Will Be Blood is known for pushing his film to new boundaries with his writing, acting, visuals, score and editing.  With watching this trailer, this seems like ordinary genius from Anderson. And what a comeback for Joaquin Phoenix.

I’m Sorry That I Laughed… The Dictator Review

I told myself that I was going to really spend a lot of time blogging this summer, especially with writing reviews and opinion articles regarding film, but instead, I’ve been lazily posting trailers just to make the site more visual.  Unless the readers are 5th graders who can only focus for about 2 minutes and 25 seconds at a time, I should probably shift more into the writing aspect of a blog, hence the word blog.

Moving on from that.

Sacha Baron Cohen.  What more needs to be said of the man who has such an intelligent background, the writing of a genius and the ability to piss off so many individuals it should be hailed as a talent.  It is a talent.  You have to be really good at something to be talented, and Cohen is extremely gifted in the field of offensive and brash humor.  The success and failure of his two films, Borat and Bruno, respectively, shows the wide spectrum and risk Cohen continuously takes, and unfortunately, they are either hit or miss.  But whatever his films maybe considered, there is no doubt that Cohen puts his undying passion into making sure that he angers as many people as possible without absolute no regard to political, social or societal acceptance or respect.  And that’s the beauty of Sacha Baron Cohen.  He’s built a repertoire that almost gives him a pass throughout the world.  He is the one man
who is allowed to say whatever he wants to say,
and this is true for The Dictator.

The Dictator is actually portrayed very well in the trailers that were released.  As an “evil” dictator and ruler from the fake Northern African nation of Wadiya, Admiral General Hafez Aladeen is your typical self-indulged, arrogant political figure who plays on the role similar to his idealists of Saddam Hussein and Kim Jong-Il (so much so the film is dedicated to the deceased dictator).  As he arrives to New York City for a U.N. summit in regards to his nuclear weapons production in his country, an unfortunate torture plot creates a beardless and facial hairless Aladeen, which creates a large predicament as no one recognizes who he his. He needs to figure out a way to get back into the U.N. before his beloved Wadiya turns into a democratic nation where peace would reign and women would have rights (insert joke here).

Most would skip this last paragraph considering no one really cares about the plot.  We bought the ticket to see the jokes, the offensive humor and see what Cohen could do to up the ante.  I don’t really know if the ante was raised, considering Bruno really pushed the boundaries to one of the most uncomfortable theater experiences I’ve ever had.  But in terms of entertainment value, I was surprisingly pleased.  Now don’t take me as some cruel and inconsiderate individual with absolutely no sense for human rights and a sexist pig who refuses to give women’s rights.  One would think that someone who enjoyed this walking out of the theater would be such an individual would make sense considering the amount of jokes and lines about women, racism, religion and terrorism, but in all honesty, this is a funny movie.  Yes it is extremely offensive, brash and truly unnecessary, but aren’t most of Cohen’s acts?

Actually, I beg to differ on the last sentence.  I think Cohen’s films and episodes have a lot more depth and revealing ideals about culture and the world’s current state economically, socially and societal standards.  I think it’s very interesting that the world seems so hush-hush on issues like The Dictator raises, but it’s okay that all of this is happening.  If we can keep quiet the political satire, all is okay in the world.  What really is confusing is that Cohen’s writing is so fresh, hence so much of this refers to things that we all knew about years ago.  There are so many cracks and attacks on all perspectives and viewpoints from American ideology to the Middle East, everyone is a victim.  And that is the most honest thing that will be revealed to us.  No nation is perfect, but we love to think we are.  America is a screwed up nation as any other nation throughout this world, but in different ways.  Is it so hard for us as Americans to see this on screen?  I think if any nation should be able accept this kind of rhetoric, it should be us.

Without writing a thesis on The Dictator, the film is stupid and obnoxious, but is hilarious.  Few scenes do it the best especially with the references to 9/11.  Yes, it’s still vivid and quite clear to all Americans, but I guess enough time has passed as that was the scene that I laughed the most.  And from untimely baby deliveries to America being the ultimate dictatorship, the newest Sacha Baron Cohen works for me.  And I write it in that specific way because I know this film won’t work for many, most likely most.  I expected crap.  But what I got was fun and entertaining crap, and if it’s worth the admission ticket, then it was worth my time.  And it also has the best remix of The Next Episode I’ve ever heard.

I give The Dictator 3 stars (out of 5).

The Amazing Spider Man 4 Minute Trailer

Sony has invented a new thing called the super trailer, where it is 4 minutes long, but pretty much the same exact trailer we saw before.  But I really like the term super trailer.  To their credit, the sequence of Spider-Man saving those cars is pretty legit, and I’m getting a little bit more and more excited for this film that might surprise a lot of people and the industry as a whole.  Always trust in 500 Days of Summer.  Here you go.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild

Sundance has a pretty legitimate track record of providing small budget, indie films that are undeniably compelling and truly remarkable storytelling.  Some of the films to come out of the Sundance Film Festival includes:


Whale Rider

American Splendor

Super Size Me

Frozen River


The Cove

Slumdog Millionaire

Winter’s Bone

Little Miss Sunshine

The list goes on and on.  This year, however, may provide Sundance’s most original winner, “Beasts of the Southern Wild.  Take a look at the amazing trailer.