THE ROUND-ABOUT NEWS! (Includes The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises & Prometheus)

I’m going to start a new segment could Round-About News as it will highlight the most popular and biggest news coming from the industry every week (from my opinion anyways). Here are the top stories so far.

1. The Avengers rolled out their international premiere in 39 markets and saw an opening weekend just shy of $180 million. That is quite of an accomplishment. Considering they still have yet to open to Russia, China and some other major markets, this movie is going to make a lot of money. Duh…


2. The Dark Knight Rises has begun their viral campaign, and begins the unrolling of their film with their second and last trailer before the film releases in July. A viral campaign is what made the Dark Knight such a huge hit, as their focus was on the Joker and making sure he looked pretty legit. Success indeed. This time around, the focus seems to be shared between Batman and Bane, but definitely we’re seeing the tones of the third and final installment in Nolan’s series.

*If you click the last picture of undeveloped film, you will see a frames sequence of the trailer. O lala~

The Dark Knight Rises

3. Warner Bros. has started pimping Prometheus like none other ever since the first trailer premiered, cause a stirring and passionate fan base waiting to see Ridley Scott go back to his glorious ways. They’ve been non stop in releasing videos, blogs, images, etc. and now we get two awesomely awesome videos. One being a 3 minute trailer and the other being a featurette. Enjoy!


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