Why Oh Why?!

The Oscar nominations came out, or pretty much, the ballots were received from the nursing home which is the Academy.  I mean, I know there are some things that aren’t necessarily “Oscar material” but I mean, honestly, they have a certain taste and distaste for specific films, that no matter what kind of achievement they are, they completely ignore it.

Biggest Snubs

I can make this list real long, but unfortunately the biggest losers of the Oscar nominations are dark, honest films.  Why?  Well let’s look at films that were generally snubbed from different categories that should’ve be nominated or possibly locks.  Those films include The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Shame, We Need To Talk About Kevin and Drive were all given the shaft from major nominations.  But overall, directors and film production companies should expect the Academy to create a big snub on films they are deemed too dark or too grimly considering these Academy voters don’t perceive good filmmaking as something that bothers or disturbs them.  We all thought the attitude of the Academy was taking a different turn when they rewarded No Country For Old Men and The Hurt Locker as Best Picture winners, but we realized that there was no competition for those films in regards to the typical “Oscar film”.  And let’s not forget, there were still snubs on films that were in the same categories as Dragon Tattoo or Shame, but we acclaimed the Academy for rewarding that one film, rather than recognizing the typical films they’ve always ignored.  It’s unfortunate but it’s our fault that we continue to get disappointed when we know that it’s going to happen. every. year.

Tilda Swinton for We Need To Talk About Kevin

Honestly, this film was too dark to get nominated for anything except for Best Actress.  This is the one area where you can reward an actor or actress solely on their performance, separating itself from the film altogether a la Meryl Streep for The Iron Lady.  This happened with Rooney Mara too as she was nominated but Dragon Tattoo was overall under nominated, but Tilda Swinton snubbed?  Unbelievable.  She arguably gives a top three performance this year in both male and female roles, but for whatever reason she didn’t get nominated, it’s a travesty.

Michael Fassbender for Shame

I had a hard time (no pun intended) thinking that Fassbender would get nominated early in the race considering he stars in a pretty bold and unfamiliar film that is rated NC-17 (No film gets nominated when it’s NC-17) but Fassbender was getting nominated with the Globes, SAG and the BAFTA, which means it should’ve been a lock.  But nope.  They completely ignored his work.

Albert Brooks for Drive

I think overall, the Academy did not appreciate Drive, which isn’t heartbreaking to me cause I didn’t appreciate it either, but I did enjoy Albert Brooks performance.  I think what was more shocking about the snub was just the fact that he was a contender to WIN Best Supporting Actor with Christopher Plummer, but hey, it happens.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo for Original Score!!!

My hope was that Dragon Tattoo would get nominated for Picture, Director and Screenplay considered it was all top notch, especially with Fincher cause he deserves a nomination every film he makes because he is the engine to the entire production.  But in reality, if it wasn’t for the DGA nomination, we would all assume Dragon Tattoo wasn’t going to get nominated.  The worst part about the Picture snub was the fact that Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and War Horse took its spots, but more on that later.  No, the biggest problem I had that they ignored it for Original Score.  I don’t know any other film this year that was more innovative and creative in tying in original music to their film, and it was a work of art.  Unreal they got ignored.  With this, the Academy really does suck.  Suck real bad.  The music department should really get axed for this one and only nominated two original songs.  Retarded to a new degree.

Project Nim for Documentary

Absolute travesty.  Watch the film.  Almost on par with The Cove.  But no nomination.  And this is after the revamp the rules to allow these documentaries to get the recognition it deserves, but of course not, cause the Academy really blows a new hole.

Biggest Surprises (Good)

There were some good done.  I think…

Rooney Mara for Best Actress

When I heard Glen Close’s name get announced, I thought for sure Rooney Mara is out, but surprisingly, she was not.  Unfortunately Tilda Swinton got bumped, but still, Mara deserves this nomination, and I’m glad the Academy’s opinion on Dragon Tattoo didn’t rub off onto their opinions about her performance.

Demian Bichir for Best Actor

It’s always good to get small films recognition, and it’s always good for Hollywood to see great performances, like Melissa Leo for Frozen River.  Good for Bichir.

Melissa McCarthy for Best Supporting Actress

The fact that Bridesmaids got two nominations (the other being Best Original Screenplay) , I applaud to the Academy.  McCarthy really deserves this nomination and I’m happy she’s going to be part of the process.

No More Compliments, Let’s Go Back To The WTFlanel Moment?!

HOW IN THE WORLD DOES EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE GET IN?!  What the crap.  It has to be one of the lowest Rotten Tomatoes percentage to ever get nominated for Best Picture.  I mean, I knew the Academy was stupid, but I didn’t think they were THIS STUPID.  They are easily manipuatible, emotionally simple and unfortunately out of touch with film in general.  Sentiment is good, but not all the freakin’ time.  They are absolutely suckers for Oscars whores, and even though I love Spielberg, sometimes I question what his main motivations are to always releasing a film right during awards season and wether he’s making a film that made him popular, or making films that made him Oscar worthy.  In other words, the Academy, you are irrelevant.  You nominate 9 films, and 4 of them aren’t deserving.  I’ll argue that Tree of Life was overrated but I understand their perspective, but still, The Help, ELAIC and War Horse over Dragon Tattoo, Shame, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Bridesmaids, etc.  The ability to choose and recognize the best films of the year is apparently lower than the sageness of your balls.  Academy, go eat it.



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