The Dark Knight Rises Spoiler

There have been countless spoiler videos online as big blockbuster films like The Dark Knight Rises, The Man Of Steel and The Avengers are shooting on location in cities like Pittsburgh, New York City and Cleveland.  When this happens, you usually get a large amount of spoiler videos that are posted on youtube.  I usually stay away because I wanted to be completely surprised when I watch the film for the first time, but I fell into temptation.

Epic.  From a digital camera, it feels epic.  Wait until we see it in a theater.  My guess is is that from the tone were getting from the teaser, Gotham is collapsing and being overtaken by crime, murder and violence and this is being controlled by Bane.  Those tumblers that look like Batman’s but are colored differently are actually Bane’s and he has his own model.  Interesting.  This I’m sure will be a major and important scene as we see Bane’s supporters fighting off Gotham Police.  The anticipation is growing.

The Dark Knight Rises will have a 6 minute prologue in front of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol only in IMAX format.


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