Titanic in 3D

Well the most beloved/hated movie of all time is coming back to theaters, and it’s coming back in 3D!  Good golly!  I forgot that we are currently in a generation that hasn’t seen Titanic, so this is actually a smart move.  I mean, who doesn’t want to watch the greatest and also cheesiest film, and watch Rose “never let go” Jack so he could stop weighing down her floating device?  What a douche.  All in all, I’ve read some reports however and it has been said that it looks amazing in 3D and we’ll be blown away just like we were in Avatar.  I was blown away in Avatar, not from the visuals, but from it’s own deep message: America sucks.  “I see you…”

Report on Titanic 3D Footage:  http://collider.com/titanic-3d-footage-recap/123205/


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