Old Boy Remake?

Ever since I first watch Old Boy as a junior in high school, it has always been one of the my favorite films.  It was one of the original films to bring Korean filmmaking onto the center stage of the entertainment industry.  Old Boy is a classic.  But as we all know, Hollywood is running out of ideas and good scripts in general, so they are turning towards remakes.  Lots of them.  And Old Boy is one of them.  I was a little skeptical considering the original was so good and somewhat pretty recent, why would they dare to mess with it?  But in the light of some news, I’ve become more eager to see the direction studios are taking with this as Spike Lee will direct, Josh Brolin will play the protagonist and Colin Firth (!!!) will play the antagonist.  If anyone has seen Old Boy and know these actors well, you’ll understand my intrigue and extreme interest in how this all plays out.  But for now, we’ll wait and see.  Opinions?

Old Boy News via Collider


One thought on “Old Boy Remake?

  1. with love – Isaac

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